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Train and develop warfighter space operators, mission ready nuclear operators, and nuclear maintenance professionals to counter 21st century adversaries in multi-domain operations


Provide foundational world-class training and inspiring leadership for space and nuclear warfighters instilled with joint warrior ethos and esprit de corps


We are customer-focused. We are student-centered. We focus on the professionalism of our faculty and staff.  We value innovation and maintenance. We are inclusive of families. 


The 381st Training Group is the gateway into the U.S. Air Force for Airmen entering the space, missile, or missile maintenance career fields. Located at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, the 381 TRG provides initial operations and maintenance training for the nation's space and missile forces. The 381st TRG offers courses to all Department of Defense activities; however, most students that successfully graduate courses offered at the Vandenberg campus move onward to perform duties primarily with United States Strategic Command, Air Force Space Command, Air Mobility Command, and Air Force Global Strike Command.

The 381 TRG provides training to Airmen entering several Air Force Specialty Codes including: 13S, Space Operations; 13N, Nuclear and Missile Operations; 21M, Missile Maintenance Officer; 1C6, Space Systems Operations; and 2M0, Missile Maintenance. The group also trains Airmen entering the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve to perform their duties within these Air Force Specialty Codes.

The 381st TRG provides students with an exceptional 88-acre campus. The group maintains 86 classrooms, 60 trainers, and 54 of the 66 courses offered at the schoolhouse consist of Community College of the Air Force accredited curriculum. A total of 59 prerequisite, AFSC - awarding, follow-on, and supplemental courses remain available to students seeking training at the Vandenberg campus. Each of the three squadrons assigned to the 381st TRG have their own areas of expertise. The 381st Training Support Squadron "Spartans" offer the Basic Instructor Course. The 532d Training Squadron "Workhorses" provide missile operations and missile maintenance training. Lastly, the 533d Training Squadron "Centurions" focus on providing students with space training.

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Chain of Command

Lt. Col. Bertsch
             Col. Daniel Rickards
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         Chief Master Sgt. Lance Power





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