"First Faces" began several years ago with chaplains from throughout AETC nominating Airmen from individual wings. Today, the program has expanded and includes a partnership between the chaplain's and public affairs offices, in order to reach a wider audience. Each Airman's story is a powerful way to infuse hope and build resilience.

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AETC First Faces


      A1C Owen Ricker                               TSgt Perla Hernandez                       TSgt Jadrian Haywood


            A1C Alexander Nestor                                    Jeff Compton                               A1C Reece Hanchett            


TSgt Guadalupe Galindo                       Maj Tenaya Humphrey                          A1C Chinette Roguel


     A1C Jeremiay Burns                               SrA Dustin Fazzini                            SrA Deaaron Alexander

     SrA Amani                         

          SrA Jean Amani                                     A1C Caroline Yi                                 SrA Shiela Kilpatrick 


 TSgt Robin Hopkins                             SrA Michael Anderson                                  SrA Lashai Battle


                    Lt.Col. Heidi Dexter                                 A1C Marcellio Kirchner                  Tech. Sgt. Nathan Combs        

              SSgt Pereira                SrA Morris          SMSgt Blinn                                                                                              

                      Staff Sgt. Luiza Pereira                              SrA Anthony Morris                     Senior Master Sgt. Mark Blinn