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Developing Mach-21 Airmen - Epi 19 – IAAFA Classroom of the Future
Air Education and Training Command Public Affairs
Oct. 28, 2019 | 32:26
Welcome to episode #19 of Developing Mach-21 Airmen! In this episode, we have a guest interviewer learning more about the "Classroom of the Future" that is used at the Inter-American Air Forces Academy, or IAAFA: 1st. Lt. Kayshel Trudell, a public affairs officer currently at the 37th Training Wing at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland. In this episode, Trudell sits down with Lt. Col. Isaac Davidson, the IAAFA commandant, and Staff Sgt. Hugo Garza Salas, a Classroom of the Future cyber instructor at IAAFA. They talk about how the Classroom of the Future provides the tools and technology to optimize and streamline learning. the Classroom of the Future pushes Force development along the Continuum of Learning by flipping the teaching model to a learner-focus approach that dramatically shortens students’ learning curve and allows for hands-on experimental learning that is focused on solving real-world problems in a classroom setting that can immediately be implemented in the field. They also talk about how the relationships built at IAAFA span the Americas, making the U.S. a partner of choice and giving students the advantage of a connected environment and collaboration workspace from anywhere in the world.