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Default Air Force Logo Air Force announces change to deployments
The Air Force announced another milestone under the chief of staff’s number two focus area: Strengthening Joint Leaders and Teams. Airmen deploying on individual taskings will now deploy in teams of three or more. This move will provide mutual support during the entire deployment continuum. This directive, effective Nov. 30, 2017, is referred to as “Deployed Teaming.”
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Master Sgt. Alan and Cherry Quevy have spent a 20-year career learning to be resilient. Through seven deployments and more than five total years in accumulated days apart, the Quevy family have figured out how to deal with the stressors of military life together. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Mike Meares) Family remains resilient throughout 20 years in the military
The Quevy family was learning to be resilient long before it was considered a buzz word in the U.S. Air Force. Like a rubber band, resilience is being able to bounce back when life stretches an individual beyond their comfort zone. And like most situations, people do not understand their ability to bounce back until they are faced with a scenario expanding the normal threshold.
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