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The Force Development Registrar was established to act as the central office to bring various registrar communities and stakeholders together to ensure mission needs are integrated as the Department of the Air Force transitions into future modernized learning environments. 

The Force Development Registrar is the program manager for the Education and Training Course Announcements and alternate program manager for the Military Training Evaluation Program:

Education and Training Course Announcements

A course catalog of information on formal education and training available to all military personnel and civilian employees; ETCA is housed on AETC SharePoint until the e-Catalog, the DAF’s enterprise-wide repository, is developed in the future AF learning services cloud environment.


Military Training Evaluation Program

The Military Training Evaluation Program was established under the Defense Activity for Non-Tradition Educational Support to help service members earn college credit recommendations for knowledge gained through military training and occupational experiences. DANTES works with the American Council on Education to evaluate military training and occupational experiences and make academic credit recommendations at the lower, upper, and graduate levels. As Alternate Service Program Manager, FD Registrar supports HAF/A1DLV DAF Voluntary Education Programs branch with DAF program management. 


The Force Development Registrar is the functional lead for the following initiatives:

Department of the Air Force Learning Record

An individual digital portfolio that will consolidate and display all education, training, experiences, and competencies throughout the learner’s career; a validated record of what Airmen and Guardians know and can do. 



The authoritative source for fundamental course information to streamline course life-cycle management and DAF’s enterprise-wide repository for foundational, occupational and joint competence-based learning opportunities available to DAF personnel.


Faculty Qualification Tracking Tool

The Faculty Qualification Tracking Tool is a capability developed by HQ AETC on the cloud-based Envision platform to track instructor qualifications.  This tool was developed to track instructor qualifications and fill the capability gap created by the decommissioning of STARS-FD on October 1, 2022.  FQTT is available at no cost to all Department of the Air Force organizations.


Enterprise Learning Resource Planning & Management

An integrated, modernized, automated, enterprise-wide capability to efficiently and effectively plan and manage resources for accessions, learning, faculty, students, facilities, reporting and analysis from recruiting to retirement/separation of our most valuable resource -- Airmen and Guardians.