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Learning Professionals and FD Digital Credentials Banner

The Learning Professionals and Force Development (FD) Credentials Division (AETC/A3B) ensures everything an Airman Knows and Can Do is captured through its three branches: FD Experiences and Validation (A3BD), Learning Professionals (A3BP), and FD Registrar (A3BL), providing leaders visibility to information critical to force management and their military decision-making processes.

Learning Professionals and FD Digital Credentials Banner

Force Development Experiences and Validation Branch

The FD Experiences and Validation Branch provides a digital footprint of the Department of the Air Force's (DAF) progressive, competency-based learning accomplishments and developmental special experiences. The FD Experiences and Validation Branch was established to act as the central office to identify developmental education opportunities and to recognize competency-based achievements. The Branch's two sections are focused on distinct, but related, goals.

The DSE Section is focused on managing the DSE Catalog and all activities related to identifying, documenting, and evaluating DSEs for Airmen. The Accreditation and Credentialing Section has a broader goal to create and employ an enterprise digital credentialing service (EDCS) and related processes for creating and documenting digital badges. Interested in learning more about our digital badging projects? Click here to visit the Digital Badging Initiatives page for more information on current and planned digital badging initiatives. Click here to visit the DSE page for more information on DSEs. 



Force Development Registrar Branch

The FD Registrar Branch originated to ensure the DAF has programs, processes, and procedures necessary to support the goals and objectives set forth by the FD/CC. The FD Registrar is responsible for ensuring leaders at all levels have access to critical data that reflect an individual Airman's capabilities and educational opportunities in order to better develop the force for mission readiness. Click here for more information on the FD Registrar Branch.

Learning Professionals Branch

The Learning Professionals Branch enhances the force by emphasizing and providing opportunities for learning professionals to acquire the skills needed to develop and deliver high quality learning experiences. The FD Learning Professionals program is responsible for collaboratively building and supporting learning for the men and women who train and educate in the Department of the Air Force. Click here to visit the FD Learning Professionals website.


Voluntary Education Opportunities

Do you know there are numerous voluntary education opportunities designed to help DAF military and civilian personnel increase their skills and occupational and professional development? 

  • Air Force Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (AFCOOL) is a pathway for enlisted DAF members to earn industry-recognized professional certifications and licenses to enhance their active-duty work, and to prepare them to transition to the civilian job market.  Want to learn more?  Click here to explore AFCOOL opportunities and free resources. 
  • DOD COOL helps DOD civilian employees find information on certifications and licenses related to their job. DOD COOL can also be used by credentialing organizations and employers.  Click here to explore COOL certifications and resources.

Visit the Air Force Virtual Education Center for more information on voluntary education opportunities and resources.