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What is the Department of the Air Force Learning Record?


A Total Force digital learning persona consolidating learning and personnel data from multiple authoritative sources in one location. It displays the educational, training, and experiential journeys of Airmen and Guardians throughout their careers; a validated record of what they know and can do.


An application for updating personnel learning information resident in other authoritative sources (MilPDS, DCPDS, TTMS, myVector etc.) nor is it a replacement for any current system or program of record.  


Airman using VR headsetProvides Airmen and Guardians the capability to access learning data in one location enabling learners to reclaim valuable time for self-development and optimizing individual career paths.



USAF talking at workEmpowers learners to assess personal learning accomplishments and skills gaps to proactively manage their own goals.



Airman controlling a droneAllows learners to self-report and self-validate skills and achievements not documented in any other authoritative data source. 

Airman giving a briefLeaders at every echelon can evaluate learning accomplishments and skills gaps across their unit in seconds to expedite the development of the Force to meet the demands of Greater Power Competition.


Airman working on satellite Commanders can assign personnel to self-report and self-validate specialized skills, certifications, filling mission-critical gaps to ensure critical knowledge of Airmen and Guardians to win GPC.



Airman parachutingConsolidates readiness training and experiences, such as aircrew qualifications and weapons proficiency, to promptly inform commanders of individuals possessing requisite training or experience.

DoD Alignment

FD Registrar is the DAF liaison for the DoD Advanced Distributed Learning, Enterprise Learner Record Repository initiative. The ELRR will be an information system with searchable repositories of detailed learner performance data made available to any command, learning system, or activity in the DoD.

Providing a single access-point for Airmen, Guardians, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Civilians to obtain information about cross-service education, training and experiences. As the liaison, FD Registrar ensures DAFLR requirements are included, and that we are aligning with DoD standards.  

Key Partners

We are collaborating with the Secretary of the Air Force Chief Data Officer and Artificial Intelligence Office to clean, map, normalize and organize data through the DAFLR use case using their Envision Project Brown Heron platform. 

We are collaborating with DoD Advanced Distributed Learning to align DAF course standards and best practices with DoD Enterprise Learning Record initiative.

Direct questions about the DAF Learning Record to can be emailed to the Force Development Registrar Branch at


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