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   DAFLR is...


The DAF Learning Record IS an individual, digital portfolio that consolidates and displays non-PII, learning-specific information (i.e. education, training and experiences) spanning a learner’s career; a validated record of what an individual knows and can do. 



   DAFLR is NOT...


The DAFLR is NOT an operational readiness dashboard, which may include sensitive, personnel, medical, talent management or deployment specific information (other than non-PII, learning-specific information).

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   Decision Superiority


Provides Airmen and Guardians the capability to access data in one location and assess personal learning gaps to proactively manage their own career path and goals. 



   Individual Development


Equips leaders at every echelon with knowledge of achievements, credentials, competencies and skills gaps required to plan, manage, and assess the strength of a unit for mission readiness.



   Resource Management


Vital tool providing critical learning data that will drive investment decisions influencing how DAF enhances the development of Multi-Capable Airmen.



   DoD Alignment


FD Registrar is the DAF liaison for the DoD Advanced Distributed Learning, Enterprise Learner Record Repository initiative. The ELRR will be an information system with searchable repositories of detailed learner performance data made available to any command, learning system, or activity in the DoD. Providing a single access-point for Airmen, Guardians, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Civilians to obtain information about cross-service education, training and experiences. As the liaison, FD Registrar ensures DAFLR requirements are included, and that we are aligning with DoD standards.  



   Way Ahead


We are continuing innovative efforts with key partners (see below) to enhance the DAFLR prototype by improving the user experience, user interface, and determining what data and sources are required. Once we are further along in development, we will reach out to obtain user feedback to ensure we are delivering a DAFLR that meets learning and mission needs. 



   Key Partners


We are collaborating with the Secretary of the Air Force Chief Data Officer and Artificial Intelligence Office to clean, map, normalize and organize data through the DAFLR use case using their Envision Project Brown Heron platform. 

We are collaborating with DoD Advanced Distributed Learning to align DAF course standards and best practices with DoD Enterprise Learning Record initiative.


      Direct any questions regarding DAF Learning record to

      FD Registrar Branch, Attn: A3BL-DAFLR @


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