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   Key Partners


•  Headquarters Air Force, Learning Division

•  Air Education and Training Command, Computer Support Squadron

•  Air Education and Training Command, FD Policy Integration

•  Course Training Managers




   Current DAF Catalog


As outlined in Department of the Air Force Manual 36-2689, ETCA is an information resource/catalog of over 4K formal and ancillary education and training courses available to DAF and DoD military and civilian personnel. 

Over 16K users per month refer to ETCA for course information such as reporting instructions, required prerequisites and equipment, scheduling processes and funding details. 

ETCA is housed on AETC SharePoint Online and is available to users within .mil domains. 

Non-AFNET users, such as those in the or sister service domains, must first request a DAF365 guest account




   Way Ahead


Continue collaborating with ADL ECC to continue DAF/DoD alignment

Partner with other DoD/DAF innovative development efforts where feasible

Continue to advocate for development, operations and sustainment funding




   Program Manager


Force Development Registrar Branch, AETC/A3BL, serves as ETCA Program Manager and is responsible for maintenance and overall management of ETCA. These responsibilities include:

•  Granting admin permissions to course managers

•  Troubleshooting access issues

•  Coordinating site updates and enhancements with ETCA SPO administrators

Direct ETCA questions to: AETC/A3BL ETCA Inbox,