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   What is Military Training Evaluation Program?


MTEP was established under the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support to help service members earn college credit recommendations for knowledge gained through military training and occupational experiences.

DANTES works with the American Council on Education to evaluate military training and occupational experiences and make academic credit recommendations at the lower, upper and graduate levels.

Military training sites work with their Service Program Managers for the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard to identify and submit courses for ACE review.




   Alternate Service Program Manager


HAF/A1DLV, DAF Voluntary Education Programs, serves as Primary Service Program Manager (SPM), responsible for MTEP policy and oversight as it applies to DAF.

AETC/A3BL, Force Development Registrar, serves as Alternate SPM and is directly responsible for MTEP program execution for DAF, ensuring course managers and owners are provided information and training prior to submitting courses for ACE review under MTEP. 


Contact Info

For more information about MTEP, visit the ACE/MTEP site. 

DAF Course Managers and Owners can submit MTEP questions to: 

FD Registrar Branch, AETC/A3BL, Mrs. Tina J. Irwin,