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   What is the Enterprise Learning Resource Planning and Management?


An integrated, modernized, automated, enterprise-wide capability to efficiently and effectively plan & manage resources for accessions, learning, faculty, students, facilities, reporting & analysis from recruiting to retirement/separation of our most valuable resource -- Airmen and Guardians.



   Functional Lead


The FD Registrar is the Functional Lead for collecting and consolidating ELRPM requirements in partnership with DAF personnel. 

FD Registrar advocates for funding and guides requirements to ensure the ELRPM will meet mission needs.





ELRPM will integrate various functional areas - accessions, resources, faculty management, learning, student data, and reports and analysis - into one capability. 

In the context of addressing gaps in the number of required technical training graduates for critical career fields, the role of ELRPM becomes even more significant.

The improved flexibility offered by the ELRPM in the realm of enterprise resource planning and management can be a key driver in aligning workforce development strategies with the dynamic needs of critical technical career fields. The system's capability to integrate and manage various facets of an organization, including human resources and training data, can enhance the overall responsiveness and efficiency in closing the identified gaps.

In addition, the enabled automated workflow processes between training units, will allow users at all levels (HAF to each schoolhouse) a more effective way to streamline communications and processes, as well as reduce time and errors that result from utilizing manual spreadsheets and input.

This helps automate business processes across the entire DAF enterprise, assisting leaders in gaining insight, optimizing operations and improving decision making by breaking down data silos and integrating information.



   Way Ahead


Given the nature of ELRPM, the initial challenges related to data normalization and cleansing are crucial to address. Over the initial 3-5 years, as the system accumulates and refines data, it can contribute to the establishment of a comprehensive and accurate database. This, in turn, enables more informed decision-making regarding workforce planning and training initiatives.

The flexibility of ELRPM allows organizations to adapt quickly to evolving DAF, Airman and mission requirements. By leveraging the system's capabilities, strategic planning for technical training programs can be optimized. This includes identifying specific skill sets in demand, tailoring training curricula accordingly, and collaborating with educational institutions to ensure graduates are equipped with the right skills.

As ELRPM matures and becomes an integral part of the organization's operations, it can play a pivotal role in transforming the approach to workforce development. The enterprise-wide perspective provided by ELRPM can facilitate a holistic understanding of resource needs, enabling proactive measures to address gaps in technical training graduates, rather than merely reacting to current shortages.

In conclusion, ELRPM, with its enterprise-wide resource planning and management capabilities, has the potential to significantly contribute to closing gaps in technical training graduates for critical career fields. The initial focus on data quality and subsequent strategic utilization of the system can lead to a more responsive and effective workforce development strategy over time.

The FD Registrar’s goal is to champion an integrated, modern, enterprise-wide resource, planning & management capability to support all personnel managing Airmen and Guardians from recruiting to retirement or separation.



   Key Partners


HQ Air Force

•HAF AF/A1P, Accessions and Training Division

•HAF AF/A1M, Programming

HQ Air Education and Training Command

Air Force Recruiting Services

2AF, Basic Military Training and Technical Training, Keesler, AFB, MS

•A3L, Planning & Analysis, Randolph AFB, TX

•A3X, Future Operations Division, Randolph AFB, TX

•A1MR, Requirements Branch, Randolph AFB, TX


Air Mobility Command

Air Combat Command

Air Force Materiel Command

Air Force Reserve Command

Air Force Global Strike Command

HQ Space Command

HQ Air National Guard

Pacific Air Forces

Air Force Special Operations Command

U.S. Air Forces in Europe