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As with any community, in real life and online, there are expected standards of communication. In fact, many sites already have Terms of Service that cover most of what is below. There are some specific additions for this page, as this is a military forum.

Comments are more than welcome, they are encouraged. However, please observe the following rules or your comment may be removed...:

-First and foremost, watch your OPSEC (that's operational security). Do not post anything that would give U.S. enemies any advantage. If your, Intell people, commander, or public affairs folks would freak out if they saw your post, we probably will too. Anything even borderline will be deleted. We do not monitor 24/7 so you are asked to help police your own community and point out to a poster if they have posted something out of bounds.

-No profanity.

-It's okay to disagree with someone's idea, but, no name-calling or personal attacks.

-Everyone is entitled to his/her opinions, whether or not you agree with them.

-DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. On the Internet, that's considered SHOUTING.

-Do not post personal information about other people, such as full name, location, address, phone number, etc. Most folks do not appreciate their personal information plastered all over the Internet for the world to see. While we have no rules which state you cannot post personal information about yourself, you'll want to think twice about it -- it's usually not a good idea. You can send a private message to any members of the group if you need to exchange personal info.

-Please post all messages in English. At this time we have no way of translating. If English is not your first language, try one of the online translators, it doesn't have to be perfect.

-No sexual content.

-No overly graphic, disturbing/offensive material, or hate speech.

We're sure these won't cover every situation and we reserve the right to add, delete or modify this policy at any time. Decisions of the page admins are final.

Social Media and the Air Force: An instructional guide for Airmen communicators 

As part of our initiative to help guide Airmen into being communicators, "Air Force Social Media Guide" is available for download. The pamphlet, created by the Air Force Public Affairs Agency, Emerging Technology Division, should be used as an instructional guide. It is not to be construed as official guidance, endorsement of products or sites listed, nor is it policy. It was developed for Air Force Public Affairs professionals who offer guidance and counsel on anything communication related -- it's called PAG, Public Affairs Guidance. Please feel free to download and consult the book to learn more about social media and how it is being used as a communication tool. We'll update the guide frequently and are interested in crowd-sourcing it in order to hear from society what works and what doesn't. We know it's not perfect. It's a work in progress.

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