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Hello Air Education and Training Command,

This is the fourth and final commander’s intent video on behaviors consistent with the art of war and winning.  The topic this week is compassion.

This week, I want to delve into the role compassion plays in helping us not only fight through challenges, but be successful overall.  My challenge to you today, tomorrow and in the future is to practice compassion and uplift those around you to build a sense of trust and loyalty to one another.  In the end, this will only make our team stronger as we face the dynamic and fast-moving challenges we must conquer in our quest to recruit, train and educate Mach-21 Airmen to deliver 21st Century Airpower.

Lt Gen Kwast



Commander’s Intent #10: Compassion

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First Command Airmen,

I'm excited to announce the new 2018 AETC Strategic Plan.  Some of you may be wondering why we need a new strategic plan.  While it would be tempting to rest on our laurels, our adversaries are certainly not resting.  Today's and tomorrow's challenges demand that those of us who train and educate the force move out aggressively to dramatically improve the way we do business.  Our senior leaders have empowered AETC with new authorities for a new mission, and we must act!  This means looking at overall Force Development across the Continuum of Learning. 

The 2018 AETC Strategic Plan charts a new path where an innovative mindset is a must, and where new methods and technologies are adopted to make our command as agile and responsive as our Airmen need to be.  To do this, we are refocusing our Headquarters on strategy and policy and empowering the NAFs to lead mission execution.  The goal is to bring execution decision-making closer to the front lines where you are achieving success each and every day.  We no longer have the luxury of redundancy through overlapping responsibilities. Rather, today we must rely on quick, honest communication among our team. Remember:  Information is power!

Great weapons and material systems are not sufficient for the United States to maintain its preeminent position in the world.  To remain dominant militarily, each of us must embrace, and indeed lead, the change that will take our Air Force to new levels of effectiveness, efficiency and lethality.  Great nations are only great because of their people, so I'm asking you to familiarize yourself with the course we have set for this command.  Once you have done that, take a moment to really think about where you fit into this plan.  I want you to be bold, be aggressive, and be innovative.

You can find the new Strategic Plan through this link: 2018 AETC Strategic Plan

Keep forging the future!

Lt Gen Steve Kwast,