Air Education and Training Command

Air Education and Training Command, with headquarters at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas, was established and activated in January 1942, making it the second oldest major command in the Air Force. Its training mission makes it the first command to touch the life of nearly every Air Force member.

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  • T-41D

  • 94th Flying Training Squadron Aircraft

    Below are links to the aircraft of the 94th Flying Training Squadron.Current Aircraft TG-10B TG-10C TG-15A TG-15B Historical Aircraft TG-3A TG-4A TG-7A TG-9A TG-10DTG-11ATG-14A
  • Parachuting Courses

    AIRMANSHIP 490 - Frequently Asked Questions Q: I am an officer/enlisted person interested in AM-490. Can I take the course? A: Generally speaking - No. AM-490 is a course designed for cadets to develop character, confidence, and courage. The jump wings awarded upon completion of the course are non-operational wings and are not recognized by other
  • 94th FTS Soaring Programs

    Soaring Programs at USAFA Soaring occurs at the Academy on a year-round basis. The program is the largest glider operation in the world. Its mission is to form the foundation of cadet exposure to military aviation, build character, and help motivate cadets toward a career in the United States Air Force. The Basic Soaring program (Airmanship 251)
  • 94th Flying Training Squadron History

    Present The 94 FTS conducts over 15,000 training and competition glider sorties annually, focused on developing officership, leadership and character of over 4,000 USAFA and ROTC cadets. It operates airmanship training at USAF's busiest day, VFR-only airfield to provide the maximum opportunity for cadet participation in a USAF operational