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98th Flying Training Squadron History

98th Flying Training Squadron

98th Flying Training Squadron

Parachuting programs began as unsanctioned club-type, off-duty activities in 1964 by Fort Benning staticline graduates.

In the Spring of 1966, the programs were formalized as military activities. With Air Staff approval to teach military parachuting, the parachute Branch under the Airmanship Division was born. In 1982, parachuting became a flight under the 94th ATS. In 1994, the Parachute Flight grew too large and was designated the 98th FTS.

What started as a club training 25 students a year has grown into a premier character development program training 600 to 1,200 cadets annually and field nationally recognized competition and demonstration teams.

In 1995, the latest evolution took place. The Parachute Flight became a squadron, the 98th Flying Training Squadron. The basic AM-490 program, which was using round parachutes since its conception, evolved with the use of modern piggy back container systems and square parachutes for both the main and reserve. Each student is equipped with a radio so all landings will be assisted from the ground. The basic program trains 1,200 students per year with the majority of positions given to USAF Academy cadets. ROTC cadets are assigned positions on a availability and timing basis.

Constituted 98th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) on 2 Dec 1941. Activated on 16 Dec 1941. Redesignated: 98th Bombardment Squadron, Heavy, on 25 Jun 1943; 98th Bombardment Squadron, Very Heavy, on 30 Apr 1946. Inactivated on 20 Oct 1948. Redesignated 98th Bombardment Squadron, Heavy, and activated, on 1 Dec 1948. Discontinued, and inactivated, on 1 Feb 1963. Redesignated 98th Flying Training Squadron on 29 Apr 1988. Activated on 1 Jun 1988. Inactivated on 26 Jun 1992. Activated on 31 Oct 1994.

11th Bombardment Group, 16 Dec 1941-20 Oct 1948. 11th Bombardment Group, 1 Dec 1948 (attached to 11th Bombardment Wing, 16 Feb 1951-15 Jun 1952); 11th Bombardment Wing, 16 Jun 1952; 4123d Strategic Wing, 10 Dec 1957-1 Feb 1963. 82d Flying Training Wing, 1 Jun 1988; 82d Operations Group, 15 Dec 1991-26 Jun 1992. 34th Operations Group, 31 Oct 1994--1 Oct 2004, 306th Flying Training Group, 1 Oct 2004 to present.

Hickam Field, TH, 16 Dec 1941; Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides, 11 Aug 1942 (air echelon operated from New Caledonia, 21 Jul-11 Aug 1942, and from Guadalcanal, Nov-Dec 1942); Mokuleia, TH, 8 Apr 1943; Nukufetau, Ellice Islands, 11 Nov 1943; Tarawa, Gilbert Islands, 20 Jan 1944; Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, 3 Apr 1944; Guam, 21 Oct 1944; Okinawa, 2 Jul 1945; Ft William McKinley, Luzon, Dec 1945; Guam, 15 May 1946-20 Oct 1948. Carswell AFB, TX, 1 Dec 1948 (deployed at Brize Norton, England, 27 Jun-7 Jul 1952; Nouasseur AB, French Morocco, 6-14 Apr and 30 Jun-29 Jul 1954, 2-9 May 1955, 15-27 Feb and Oct 1956); Clinton-Sherman AFB, OK, 1 Mar 1959-1 Feb 1963. Williams AFB, AZ, 1 Jun 1988-26 Jun 1992. USAF Academy, CO, 31 Oct 1994 to present.