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(No longer in service at USAFA )

The TG-11A (Stemme S-10V) is a conventional two-place, side-by-side, self-launched, high performance sailplane. It can transition from powered flight to soaring in approximately three seconds. It was used at USAFA for cross-country training and allowed students to practice soaring techniques without the risk of an off-field landing. This aircraft greatly enhanced the ability of the cross-country program to train cadet soaring instructor pilots in the basics of cross-country soaring.

The TG-11A is constructed with fiberglass, composites and a Kevlar-reinforced cockpit. Its wings are retractable, thus allowing the aircraft to easily fit into a hangar while providing a large wing span for soaring flight. The propeller is variable-pitch allowing for climb and cruise performance. A uniquely designed propeller retracts and folds into the nose cone when transitioning to soaring flight. The cockpit is equipped with a complete set of flight instruments including a transponder and an oxygen system with an intercom for high-altitude flights. Also included are Schempp-Hirth style airbrakes and manually operated positive and negative flaps. The wings are equipped with full span flaperons (ailerons and flaps combined motion to enhance roll rate). Finally, the landing gear is fully retractable.

Stemme GmbH & Co., Berlin, Germany, manufactures the STEMME S-10V. It is a world class motorglider. Only a handful are operated in the US. The price of a Stemme S-10V is about $250,000 including instrumentation and equipment. The USAF Academy operated the TG-11A routinely for cross-country training, at various airshows, and at all USAF Academy home football games. The TG-11A was replaced as a cross-country trainer by the TG-14A. The Stemme was last flown at USAFA on 21 Nov 02 by Maj Mark Matticola.

General Characteristics
Primary Function: Cross-Country Trainer
Power Plant: Limbach L-2400 EB1.AD 4-cylinder engine
Thrust: 93 HP at 3400 RPM for takeoff and 80 HP at 3000 RPM for cruise (at sea level)
Length: 27.6 feet
Height: 5.74 feet
Wingspan: 75.5 feet (23 meters)
Folded: 37.4 feet
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 1874 lbs
Speed: 146 kts glide,
120 kts powered cruise
Glide Ratio: 50:1
Ceiling: 17,450 feet powered cruise, FL 250 soaring
Max Positive G Limit: 5.3
Max Negative G Limit: 2.65
Range: Powered flight-860 miles
Armament: None
Crew: Two (student pilot and instructor pilot)
Date Deployed: Summer 1995
Inventory: 2