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  • Air War College revises nonresident program

    The Air War College announced it is revising its nonresident studies course to increase its relevancy for Air Force officers preparing for the responsibilities of senior leadership. It also been significantly updated to ensure the curriculum's currency. The college will launch the revised course in January 2006. This year's nonresident program
  • Randolph Airmen track accountability in New Orleans

    With five different operating locations in New Orleans, knowing where Airmen are located is the primary duty for six personnel Airmen from Randolph Air Force Base, Texas. The personnel support for contingency operations team, or PERSCO, is comprised of Airmen from the 12th Flying Training Wing and Air Force Personnel Center. They arrived Sept. 4
  • Operation Military Kids: Florida youth introduced to military life, customs

    "Move, move move! If you're not out of bed in two seconds, I'm chasing you out!" Remember those early-morning wake-up calls in basic training? More than 180 teens from all over Florida got a chance to experience it while they stayed at Tyndall Air Force Base as part of Operation Military Kids Sept. 9-11. Originally developed by the Department of
  • Practicing good eye care, safety 'out of sight'

    The comic book hero Daredevil gained superhuman powers when he was blinded by toxic waste that hit him in the eyes. Unfortunately, outside of the superhero realm, anyone else would just be blinded. Therefore, protecting your eyes and keeping them healthy is paramount, as sight is one of the most important senses of the body, said Maj. Ryan Traver,
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