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  • Cultural and Language Center expands Air Force-wide

    Air University's Culture and Language Center is beginning an evolutionary change toward becoming an Air Force-wide institution focusing on culture and language. Beginning next year, the center's mission will expand to include service-wide responsibilities as it becomes the Air Force Culture and Language Center. Officials are developing a memorandum
  • Sheppard NCO named AF "Personnel Technician of the Year"

    The tables were turned on Staff Sgt. Ana Aguirre Dec. 3 when she found out she was the Air Force Personnel Technician of the Year. The assistant NCO in charge of the commander's support staff at the 80th Flying Training Wing said she isn't used to being on this side of the process. A portion of her job is to let wing members know when they are
  • Fill 'er up!

  • Airmen seek to hit the right notes at talent competition

    Airmen from 18 to 42-years-old from stateside to Turkey are at Lackland this week honing their musical talents as they compete in the Air Force Worldwide Talent Contest. The fierce competition culminated for the 56 Airmen Dec. 7-9 with  live performances at the Bob Hope Theater."We feel like the talent that we had this year is probably some of the
  • ALS project salvages bricks to form a legacy

    On a bright, sunny Monday at Altus Air Force Base, volunteers took bricks headed for demolition and gave them a new, more prestigious purpose.  Salvaged from a house scheduled for demolition in the military family housing area Dec. 3, the stones that have housed warriors and their families for years will now help honor those who have stood tall in
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