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  • IDEA nets retiree $10,000

    A retired Keesler technical sergeant was recently awarded the maximum amount for a suggestion he made to the Air Force's Innovative Development through Employee Awareness program. William Higdon, assigned to the 333rd Training Squadron until his retirement last year, received his $9,800 cash reward earlier this month. He had already received $200
  • MTIs hope BMT study gives canteens the boot

    About 50 trainees in each of Lackland's seven basic military training "street" squadrons are being issued backpack hydration systems in a yearlong study to compare their health with fellow trainees hydrating from canteens. "I think everybody intuitively thinks CamelBaks, or a similar backpack hydration system, is the best way to go," said Maj. Rob
  • AETC receives federal-level technology award

    An electronic training and documentation program developed by the Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency helped Air Education and Training Command receive a federal-level technology award this month. The Federal Government Distance Learning Association awarded its annual Pioneer Award to AETC, AFCESA and two development contractors involved in the
  • RAF, USAF C-130 crews train together

    Seventy Royal Air Force airmen and 15 British Army loadmasters flew two RAF C-130s across the Atlantic Ocean to work with American C-130 crews during a combined training exercise this month. During the week-long exercise, British and American crews trained together on maneuvering formations, avoiding enemy threats and flying at low levels (between
  • Kirtland HH-60 Pave Hawk accident investigation complete

    The Air Force has completed its investigation of the HH-60 Pave Hawk accident May 11 near Angel Fire, N.M., which resulted in the death of an Air Force flight engineer. The accident investigation determined the primary cause of the mishap to be pilot error. Other factors included unfavorable weather conditions and general complacency of the flight
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