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Energy Action Month: Lackland medical wing strives to conserve energy, sustain mission

  • Published
  • By Jo Pinto
  • 59th Medical Wing Facilities Management
October has been deemed Energy Action Month across the Department of Defense. Energy conservation is an important priority for our nation, the United States Air Force and Joint Base San Antonio.

As an important member of JBSA, the 59th Medical Wing must continue to do its part to conserve energy while sustaining its mission. Every staff member should understand and actively participate in our energy conservation efforts.

The following energy conservation measures are the primary ways the 59th MDW supports the JBSA Energy Conservation Program and should be adhered to:

Facilities and duty sections that are not involved in direct patient care or do not require unique temperature control for mission reasons will adjust temperature settings to no less than 78 degrees during the cooling season and no higher than 68 degrees during the heating season.

All staff members should close exterior doors/windows and use existing window coverings to decrease cooling and heating loads.

Zone masters will report building systems that appear to waste energy to Facilities Management--including utility failures, water leaks and other maintenance issues.

Consistent with the Medical Systems guidelines, all staff members must log off computers at the end of their duty day and turn off monitors when not in use for extended periods. In addition, printers and copiers should be set to energy savings mode.

Medical Logistics will maximize the purchase of Energy Star compliant non-medical equipment.

Renovations and infrastructure improvements will incorporate sustainable design and maximize cost-effective utility reduction following Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) principles.

All staff members are encouraged to participate in car pools and use energy efficient transportation through dedicated preferred parking spaces at 59th MDW facilities.

For additional information or to recommend possible additional opportunities for further energy reduction, contact Facilities Management at 210-292-7171.