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AETC launches Strategic Management Annex, Strategic Planning Dashboard

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO – RANDOLPH, Texas -- Air Education and Training Command officials are launching two tools May 1 for advancing the 2016 AETC Strategic Plan: the AETC Strategic Management Annex and the AETC Strategic Planning Dashboard.

The Strategic Management Annex presents an overview of the strategic management process, details roles and responsibilities, and outlines objectives to achieve AETC strategic goals. The annex is a framework for continuing implementation of the 2016 AETC Strategic Plan and tracking progress toward meeting its goals.

“Our strategic planning process aligns with and mirrors the Air Force’s strategic planning process,” said Dr. Wendy Johnson, chief strategic planner for AETC. “The Strategic Management Annex is a companion piece to the AETC Strategic Plan in the same way that four annexes accompany the Air Force Strategic Master Plan.”

The Strategic Management Annex includes seven objectives resulting in seven actionable flight plans that support the AETC Strategic Plan
“We started with the strategic goals and created the seven strategic objectives,” said Lt. Col. Thomas Wegner, strategic planning branch chief for AETC. “From those objectives, we created seven flight plans with sub-objectives and actionable tasks at the action-officer level that provides a path to achieving the objectives.”

The AETC Strategic Planning Dashboard is an assessment tool to measure and display progress toward meeting strategic objectives. Action officers working on each task can document their progress and update a stoplight chart to indicate whether assigned tasks are complete, on track, in progress or facing obstacles.

“By populating the Strategic Planning Dashboard, action officers can document their progress on tasks and where they may be hitting roadblocks,” Wegner said. “Then we can determine what level of engagement is required to overcome each issue. The dashboard will provide visibility to leaders, up to Lt. Gen. Darryl Roberson (AETC commander) enabling leadership to ask questions and engage as necessary.”

While individuals responsible for tasks, sub-objectives and objectives will be mostly involved in populating and using the dashboard, it is important for everyone to be aware of the Strategic Management Annex and its purpose.

“I hope Airmen across AETC understand the annex and its seven flight plans are meant to transform AETC in the way we teach and how we educate the next generation of Airmen,” Wegner said. “As we implement our annex objectives, I hope AETC Airmen see the command embracing the latest technologies and the latest teaching methods to provide the best possible training and education in the future.”

To read the Strategic Management Annex, click HERE. For additional information on the Strategic Planning Dashboard, use a government computer and a Common Access Card and click HERE.

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