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JAG School is making room for more students, new team members

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Alexa Culbert
  • Air University Public Affairs

Construction has gone underway for a 42,000 square foot addition to the Judge Advocate General’s School here.

The project is scheduled to finish in December 2020 and will be used to accommodate the school’s growing student population and the Legal Information Services team.

The two-story building will feature new classrooms, seminar rooms and offices for Legal Information Services.

“The new addition is needed to handle the number of students, and getting [Col. Sheri Jones,  Legal Information Services director] and her folks under the same roof with us, which will really give us some synergistic affects,” said Col. Christopher Brown, JAG School commandant. “It will be much easier for us to leverage each other’s assets when we are located in the same facility, so I am certainly looking forward to having her and her folks here.”

In their current location, the JAG school teaches approximately 3,300 students through the 67 courses that they offer.

Jones said she is excited to be under the same roof as the JAG school team because they will be able to teach the new JAGs and paralegals  how to use information technology to decrease the amount of time it takes to give commanders the information they need.

“The main reason for the addition is to handle the increase of students, said Brown. “As the JAG school, people think that we only teach JAGs, paralegals and civilians who work within the JAG corps, but that is no longer true.”

In addition to instructing students within the JAG corps, the school offers courses to approximately 20,000 Air University students through outreach efforts, which only furthers the need to expand.  

At this time, JAG school leadership doesn’t anticipate any changes in operations, however, they will be working closely with the Civil Engineering and Bioenvironmental Engineering offices on base to ensure the location remains safe for the staff members and students.

Jones said that this project has been a full Maxwell team effort and the support given from the local CE office and the wing leadership has been much appreciated.

“It’s been a pleasant experience and I just look forward to cementing that relationship, because the movement and cooperation we’ve been able to accomplish so far has been impressive,” said Jones.