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Providing a comfortable home for Airmen

  • Published
  • By Airman Seth Haddix
  • 81st Training Wing Public Affairs

After a meeting between Keesler leadership and Airmen on base, the 81st Training Wing decided to take action to make much-needed changes to the dorms on base a top priority. The Keesler housing management office has made significant improvements within the last few months to improve the living areas for Airmen.

Brett Long, Infrastructure Division capital asset management and housing flight chief, focuses on creating the best living environment possible.

“We have made significant changes to bay orderly,” said Long. “We have changed the schedule, added a team leader role and centralized the cleaning supplies units to hopefully help the workers clean more efficiently. A new process for reporting problems has also been initiated through the new dorm tile in the Air Force Connect app to speed up repairs.”

Bay orderly is a select crew of Airmen that alternate weekly to clean and maintain the dorms during the duty day.

“The new military dorm leader now requires all workers to attend an unaccompanied housing and leadership course,” said Long.

Among the crew in the dorm management office is Ralphaelito Agustin, Infrastructure Division unaccompanied housing manager. Agustin recently attended the leadership course and believes communication is key to improvement.

“Communication is vital because we need to know how we can improve,” said Agustin. “We need to be aware of the problems in the dorms so we can fix them as soon as possible.”

Long has helped make these changes in hopes they will not only positively impact the dorms, but the Airmen and the Keesler mission.

“Providing a cleaner and more safe environment improves the quality of life for the Airmen,” said Long. “We will do what we can to maintain a suitable living arrangement for them.”