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2nd Air Force Command Chief guest hosts Airmanship 200

  • Published
  • By Danielle Knight
  • Special Warfare Training Wing Public Affairs

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-CHAPMAN TRAINING ANNEX - The senior enlisted leader of Second Air Force guest-hosted the newly established Airmanship 200 livestream with a Special Warfare Training Support Squadron military training leader Apr. 28 to discuss the topic of identity.

During the livestream, Chief Master Sgt. JoAnne Bass and Tech. Sgt. Christopher Traina spoke on their military experiences and how they identify as an Airman to viewers that tuned into the livestream.

“The values, heritage and pride you get for being part of the United States Air Force really start to cement into who you are,” Bass said. “I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best…and I think that is what’s made me proud of the Airman I am.”

Airmanship 200 is a standardized development program that houses courses that allow instructors to start an Airman’s day by covering topics such as the profession of arms, character, life skills and how to be tactically ready and technically relevant. The goal of the program is to shape Airmen who are technically proficient at their job, but also well-rounded in other areas.

“The addition of focused, professional development in the technical training environment helps our Airmen build a sense of identity,” Traina said. “This is a way our peers and leadership can implement mentorship and growth early on in an Airman’s career… that may not happen until well into your first duty location or Airman Leadership School.”

At the Special Warfare Training Group, MTLs have pursued new methods to maintain readiness and continue professional development training. One question they faced immediately was: how is discussion facilitated without a physical classroom setting? The answer was found with something the Air Force has utilized for events, ceremonies and graduations, but not as often for learning environments: livestreaming.

As the Air Force finds a “new normal” during the COVID-19 crisis, Airmen have found new ways to continue meeting mission requirements while social-distancing and self-isolating. One requirement for Airmen in technical training is to complete a specific number of Airmanship 200 lessons, depending on their length of time in training, before going to the First Term Airman Center.

“The restrictions of movement and stay-at-home orders reduced my ability to do my ‘normal’ job,” said Traina, who volunteered to pioneer the Airmanship 200 livestream in order to take care of his fellow MTLs.

Providing a livestream gave him a way to support those MTLs that were still working to take care of Airmen in the dorms during a time of restriction of movement and isolation, Traina said.

Airmanship 200 was initially rolled out by the 81st Training Group at Keesler Air Force Base in 2018 and was standardized by April 2019, aiming to build upon lessons learned in basic military training and support Airmen’s continued development during time spent in the First Term Airman Center and beyond.

“This type of professional development helps Airmen find a deeper connection and meaning to their service, hopefully resulting in a greater sense of job satisfaction and commitment to the Air Force,” Traina said. “We need to try to build personal connections to our Airmen so they know this isn’t a ‘job’ but a lifestyle – and their leaders are here to support their success.”

Traina’s creative efforts were met with support by his supervisors and command team.

“Our training team has leaned forward by finding creative solutions while maintaining the safety of our students,” said Lt. Col. Aaron Lemke, Special Warfare Training Support Squadron commander. “Tech Sgt. Traina has championed this effort to continue offering our students the means for professional development, and perhaps even more importantly, has provided another avenue for them to connect with each other socially while maintaining physical distancing.” 

Airmanship 200 can be found via YouTube livestream Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. at Prior recorded livestreams can be found on the Airmanship 200 YouTube Channel.

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