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Ruck Racism: JBSA community leans in

Graphic of photos from the Ruck Racism event on JBSA-Lackland hosted June 13, 2020.

Members of the Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland community come together in solidarity for the Ruck Racism event hosted by the 341st Training Squadron to unite, lean in and learn from one another.

Watch the event video on FACEBOOK or YOUTUBE.

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas -- On June 13, 2020, the 341st Training Squadron hosted an event for solidarity and inclusion. People from across Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas, came TOGETHER. Why... because we all needed it!

#RuckRacism was born from a dream last week (literally) of Chief Master Sgt. Erik Blanco who had a vision to create an outlet which showed UNITY as a military community and allowed dialogues to flow freely. And today, many lives were brought closer to each other because of it.

The sun not only shined on the faces of those in attendance - but most importantly...on our HEARTS as well. As brothers and sisters-in-arms, we stay true in our resolve that we are better through compassion, reflection, respect and understanding.

As a friend reminded me earlier this week, “These are not new conversations, they are just happening between groups who haven’t shared them before. That’s what makes this time so special.”

The stories, perspectives, and connections were POWERFUL. And the beauty is - they are taking place all over. This is the fuel that will drive us FORWARD.

Let’s keep moving ahead as ONE. 

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