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First Space Force intelligence officer to train at Goodfellow AFB

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Abbey Rieves
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- The first U.S. Space Force intelligence officer, 2nd Lt. Samuel Pisney, is scheduled to attend the Air Force’s 14N1 Intelligence Officer course here in September. 

“We are very excited to receive our first United States Space Force intelligence officer trainee,” said Lt. Col. John Bergmans, 315th Training Squadron commander. “It is the realization of ongoing efforts to harmonize training in the information, air and space domains for the battlefield of tomorrow.”

Through Goodfellow, space defense is etched into history. 

“This first step is historic,” said the 17th Training Wing Historian Mark Howell. “It marks a milestone in the creation of a professional core group of technicians and operators of Space Force.”

Through a direct commission on April 18, Pisney became the 63rd USSF member and will learn the global intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions through hands-on technical training from the 315th TRS.

“I’m excited to work hard for the military and the Space Force,” said Pisney. “I'm honored to have the opportunity to serve America in the newest branch of the military. I’m excited to see where God takes me and what his plans for me are.”

Through an ever-enhancing joint mission, the 17th Training Group holds the responsibility to build warfighters on behalf of not only the Air Force and now Space Force, but for the entire Department of Defense. 

“We are thrilled to develop ISR professionals for America’s newest military service, the U.S. Space Force,” said Col. Angelina Maguinness, 17th Training Group commander. “With our Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force students and teammates, Lieutenant Pisney is rounding out Goodfellow’s joint team. It’s an exciting time to be in the Department of the Air Force.” 

Being the first Space Force member trained here at Goodfellow, Pisney commits to doing his best. 

“I can only try my best and that’s what I’ll do,” said Pisney. “I hope to make everyone at Goodfellow-- and in the military-- proud!”

From 250,000 square feet of secure facilities, advanced modeling and simulation training, and a $24 million ISR systems-of-record, to training the first USSF intelligence officer, Goodfellow performs its vision: the global hub for lifelong learning and development. 

Pisney said his journey to his Space Force commission wasn’t a solo effort. He’s thankful for and humbled by all the support he has had from his parents, family, friends, teachers, and particularly the mentorship from his uncle, a retired Air Force colonel. 

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