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Force Generators

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Michael Crane
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

There are many force generators found throughout the Air Force, some are found here; within the 17th Training Wing.

Master Sgt. Justin Geer, 316th Training Squadron instructor, and Tech. Sgt. Raphael Lazare, 316th TRS instructor, have proven themselves among their peers by inspiring the Airmen they teach and lead. Instructors train, develop, and inspire the future force; they are the force generators the Air Force needs.

Geer has been an instructor for five and a half years with a total service of close to 11 years. He graduated from Goodfellow in 2012, and has been an airborne Korean Cryptologic Language Analyst since. Geer explained his service fills him with pride due to the great things he has accomplished through his service to this nation.

“I was selected through an out-of-cycle developmental special duty process, but instructor positions today are filled through the Assignment Management System.” Geer elaborated, “Either way, noncommissioned officers of the highest caliber in duty performance are selected to come to Goodfellow AFB to train, develop, and inspire the future force.”

Geer has distinguished himself as a master instructor. To earn this distinction, one must have three consecutive instructor evaluations scored “excellent” or better to qualify.  Professional projects and instructor experience requirements must be met. In addition, recommendations of the member’s chain of command are needed.

Geer plans to commission after this assignment in the Air Force as a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilot. He has received acceptance of his Officer Training School application. In the meantime, Geer will continue to teach his many students as a Cryptologic Language Analyst.

Personal success is not limited to Geer; his colleague also has quite a bit going for him as well. Both of them fit the mold for force generators.

Lazare has been stationed here since May 2019, but received his certification as an instructor in November 2019. As a signals intelligence instructor in the 316th TRS, he teaches about 15 students a day. Over the span of 11 months, he has gathered more than 1,200 hours of instruction time.

Lazare explained his motivation stems from his experience as an Airman in training and a sense of giving back to the institution that has given him so much.

“Since I had a very pleasant experience being an Airman in training years ago, I always wanted to return to the training environment to be an influence on Airmen the way my leaders influenced me,” said Lazare; he further added, “I always thought I’d return as a Military Training Leader; but when the opportunity presented itself to be an instructor, I volunteered swiftly.”

He has had a passion for helping others throughout his career, and made a point to return to the training side of the military to carry it on for the future force.

Lazare is also a master instructor. He encourages others to apply for an instructor position.

“The process wasn’t difficult at all. If my memory serves me correctly, the job was posted via AMS. I clicked the volunteer button, had to do a few tasks, and within 30 days of submission I received notification of my selection.”

Looking to his future career, Lazare was recently selected to become an Army Warrant Officer. He attributes his competitive package to the leadership he’s had in the Air Force, and his peers who have pushed him to strive for excellence.

Like Geer and Lazare, the Air Force has many success stories within its ranks. These two gentlemen exemplify the Air Force core values, raise the next generation, and live what it means to be an Airman every day.