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“Air Force Competencies” Now on MyVector

Graphic for the video on how to access foundational competencies on MyVector

Graphic for the video on how to access foundational competencies on MyVector

To help Airmen gain a better understanding of their competency proficiency level, an Air Force Competencies section was recently added to MyVector. On this page, Airmen will be able to take self-assessments and review resources to further their personal and professional development. In this video Mr. Jamal Qaiyym, Branch Chief of the Foundational Competencies, goes over how to find the foundational competencies on MyVector and all the features that come a long with it!

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas – Airmen curious about their level of proficiency in Air Force Foundational Competencies can now take an assessment on MyVector.

The Air Force Competencies are foundational, are applicable across all ranks/grades and career fields, and provide total force members a pathway to success in their respective careers. Air Force Competencies are at the heart of readiness and lay the foundation for Developing the Airmen We Need (DAWN)—total force Airmen (and Space Professionals) who can out-think and out-perform any adversary in air, space and cyberspace.

Competency-based development helps shape and grows Total Force members while also setting clear expectations within the Department of the Air Force. There are 22 foundational competencies that are categorized into four major groups: 1) Developing Self, 2) Developing Others, 3) Developing Ideas and 4) Developing Organizations. There are more competencies on the horizon.

Today, you will be able to take a self-assessment to determine your current levels of proficiency for each competency and have the option to gain additional feedback through 360 and/or a Supervisor assessment. Stay tuned for the release of additional competency resources in MyVector.

To access Competency Tools:

Go to your MyVector Profile (https://myvector.us.af.mil/myvector) and/or register in MyVector using your Chrome browser

Select “Air Force Competencies” from the MyVector main menu (bottom left-hand side)

Select the available competency tools (e.g. MyAssessments, Resources)

When you complete your self-assessment, you will be able to immediately view your results and Personal Improvement Plan. You may revisit the “my assessments” tab to review results at any time and/or to request feedback. If you request 360 feedback, it’s a best practice to tell the people to expect a message from MyVector asking them to provide you feedback.

All active military and DoD civilians should have access to the assessments. If you are unable to access the Assessments, please contact MyVector help desk afldp.support@bamtech.net.

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