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Resiliency, Honoring Four Chaplains Day on "The Air Force Starts Here" podcast episode 43

  • Published
  • By Air Education and Training Command

In episode 43 of "The Air Force Starts Here" podcast, we commemorate Four Chaplains Day, Feb. 3, 2021, and highlight the dedication of the U.S. Air Force Chaplain Corps to the resiliency of all Airmen.

Joining the conversation are 377th Air Base Wing chaplain embedded with the 58th Special Operations Wing, Capt. Brett Barner, 336th Training Group chaplain, Capt. Mark Schutzius and Four Chaplains Day board member, Lynn M. Chickering.

Four Chaplains Day honors the heroism of four chaplains, U.S. Army chaplain Lt. George Fox, Lt. Alexander Goode, Lt. John Washington, and Lt. Clark Poling, who gave their lives in service to others. On Feb. 3, 1943, the SS Dorchester, a coastal passenger steamship, headed toward an American base in Greenland was struck by a German submarine torpedo. Hundreds lost their lives, but the bravery and selfless acts of these four chaplains gave hope to the survivors who awaited rescue and set the example for all chaplains who are called to care for Airmen more than anyone thinks possible.

Barner and Schutzius discuss what the Four Chaplains story means to them and the role of a military chaplain today, and Chickering shares hear personal connection to the observance… her grandfather was a survivor of the SS Dorchester sinking.

Chaplains and religious affairs Airmen remain committed to the well-being of Airmen from all faith backgrounds or none at all. Day and night chaplains are a resource and foundation of hope for all Airmen, regardless of their situation.

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