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Air Force offers WAPS testing materials online

(U.S. Air Force graphic/Dianne Moffett)

(U.S. Air Force graphic/Dianne Moffett)

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- The Air Force now offers Career Development Course volumes online for use as promotion study material. The volumes offered online are those identified in the Enlisted Promotions References and Requirements Catalog as study references for Weighted Airman Promotion System testing.

The online library provides Airmen the opportunity to download those study materials for use on electronic devices. It also offers enhancements for visual learning.

"We wanted to create a site where Airmen can download the most current WAPS CDC study materials in a simple and easy-to-use format," said Dwayne Hafer of Air Education and Training Command's Airman Advancement Division.

As the site continues to be developed, historical versions of the CDCs will be added so Airmen testing out of cycle will be able to access the appropriate materials for the cycle they're competing in, Hafer said.

"Anything that makes our study materials more accessible is helpful," said Staff Sgt. Stacceye Stallard, Headquarters AETC Commander's Support Staff. "I already use the online [Professional Development Guide] on my smart phone, so having my CDCs available too will be good."

The library is available to .mil users only at http://cdc.aetc.af.mil. Once downloaded to their military desktop, Airmen can e-mail the documents or burn them to a CD in order to transfer them to a personal electronic device. The complete Enlisted Promotions References and Requirements Catalog is also available online at https://www.omsq.af.mil/TE/EPRRC.pdf along with the Professional Development Guide at https://www.omsq.af.mil/PD/.

The electronic volumes are provided as a secondary or alternative source for WAPS testing materials. Hafer said current plans are for Airmen to continue to receive hard-copies of their CDCs in the usual manner.

The WAPS CDC study material library is not identical to the Air University online library used for Airmen in upgrade training, Hafer said. Those Airmen in upgrade training still need to contact their unit training manager to obtain access to their CDCs.
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