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AETC announces 2008 AFA Outstanding Air Force Civilian Employees of the Year awards

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Air Education and Training Comannd officials recently announced the AETC winners for the 2008 Air Force Association Outstanding Air Force Civilian Employees of the Year Awards in the following categories:

Civilian Wage Employee: Brenda L. Napier, 56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron, Luke AFB, Ariz. As an Explosives Work Inspector, Ms. Napier flawlessly conducted 212 pre-issue inspections supporting over nine thousand aircrew sorties ensuring zero quality assurance inspection failures. She maintained serviceability of munitions stockpile worth $71 million by conducting 400 inspections resulting in 37,000 successful sorties. Ms. Napier performed 35 shipping inspections one week ahead of schedule, saving the Air Force more than $3,000 in transportation costs.

Civilian Program Specialist: Mary S. Loveless, 71th Communications Squadron, Vance AFB, Okla. As a Telecommunications Specialist, Ms. Loveless is a top-notch planner and first class project manager who effectively managed more than 95 projects worth over $75 million. She tirelessly pursued funding for airfield maintenance securing more than $280 thousand in additional funding resulting in a 99.9 percent uptime rate. Ms. Loveless led a 9.5 million dollar Digital Airport Surveillance Radar installation project ... she identified the optimum location and coordinated the installation process saving $500 thousand.

Civilian Program Manager: Merrill C. Galligan, 533rd Training Squadron, Vandenberg AFB, Calif. As a Maintenance Officer, Mr. Galligan led training programs and 16 simulators for 465 U.S. and allied space warriors resulting in the reload of 23 operations squadrons' combat capability. He designed Air Education and Training Command's Standardized Space Trainer which met all GPS initial skills training requirements in 11 months for $480 thousand. Mr. Galligan saved more than $12 million by fielding this device two years early. He directed the merger of two courses into one, reducing missile warning radar training by 39 days. This merger is projected to save over 132 thousand dollars.

Civilian Senior Program Manager: Joseph J. Nevins, 58th Maintenance Group, Kirtland AFB, N.M. As a Maintenance Group Civilian Deputy, Mr. Nevins is an AFSO21 advocate who led the first-ever CV-22 value stream mapping event cutting 42 of 262 non-value inspection steps. He was a key player in overseeing the Air Force' only helicopter Jet Engine Intermediate Maintenance facility resulting in a $31 million savings to the Air Force in outsourcing costs to depot, supporting seven MAJCOMs worldwide. Mr. Nevins' leadership garnered an "Excellent" rating during the 2007 Headquarters Air Education and Training Command Operational Readiness Inspection, a complete 180 improvement from the previous marginal/unsatisfactory rating. 

These individuals will compete at the Air Force level competition.
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