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Security guard stops undocumented workers at Sheppard gate

  • Published
  • By John Ingle
  • 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs
Security guard Michael Collins said he didn't think he was doing anything other than his job the morning of Jan. 25 when two vans approached him at Sheppard's Missile Gate.

But his gut instinct and by-the-book procedures prevented a security breach at the base and led to the apprehension of six undocumented workers. 

Two vans stopped to present identification for the workers and two supervisors. Officer Collins suspected the driver's licenses for six of the workers were invalid and notified the 82nd Security Forces Squadron law enforcement desk to have other officers respond.

Security forces members then ran the licenses through the Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications System. That system confirmed the licenses were invalid.  Security forces officers apprehended the undocumented workers and turned them over the Wichita Falls Police Department.

Maj. Bill Lowery, 82nd Security Forces Squadron commander, said it was the largest single apprehension of the kind at Sheppard.

The standard procedure for subcontractors is to have a sponsor with the company or an escort arrange for employees to gain access to the base. The process includes a criminal background investigation and, if needed, a check on the validity of passports and IDs.

"This is a testament to the training we provide our contract guards and active duty folks," the major said. "They did what they are trained to do."

Dave Yonts, a civil service employee at the base's pass and registration office, said this was the second attempt in the past six months that an undocumented worker tried to get on Sheppard as an employee of a subcontractor.
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