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Air Force doctrine gets new home at Air University

  • Published
  • By Christine Harrison
  • Air University Public Affairs
Air Force doctrine has deep roots at Air University. Forefathers of air power have historically gathered at Maxwell Air Force Base to cultivate doctrine, and those pioneering decisions influence warfighters from the past, present and the future.

The Air Force Doctrine Development and Education Center was stood up in a ceremony at the officers club earlier this month, with the top commanders of Air University and the 42nd Air Base Wing, as well as local business and government leaders, in attendance.

The new center is the result of a merger between the Air Force Doctrine Center, which was stood up only 10 years prior, and the College for Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education Center. Both organizations were deactivated during the ceremony.

The new organization's mission is to serve as the lead in the development of operational-level doctrine and establish the Air Force position in joint and multinational doctrine. The Air Force Doctrine Development and Education Center, or AFDDEC, is headed up by Maj. Gen. Allen Peck, vice commander of Air University and former commander of the Air Force Doctrine Center.

 "Today we honor the giants who made great strides in expanding the Air Force's capabilities to operate in air, space, and cyber power through doctrine development and education, research, wargaming, strategic communication, and intelligence. Our new combined organization will build on those legacies," he said during the ceremony. 

Also included in the merger are the many educational courses conducted at CADRE each year, as well as the Warfare Studies Institute and the Public Affairs Center of Excellence, which educates flag officers attending various courses across Air University to better understand and utilize the military public affairs and media relationship.

General Peck said AFDDEC's first milestone passed the same day the organization was stood up. The chief of staff of the Air Force approved and signed Air Force Doctrine Document 2-3, Irregular Warfare, the organization's first publication, that day as well. 

Lt. Gen. Stephen Lorenz, commander of Air University, presided over the ceremony and also spoke of the leaders who founded what has become the "intellectual and leadership center of the Air Force."

"This is a journey that began with the Air Tactical Corps and continues today and into the future," he said. "Our faculty is the greatest in the world, and that faculty provides great students. Standing together, our students and faculty create great ideas, and great ideas are what will win the long war." 

CADRE was formed in 1983 to carry on the missions and traditions of the Air Corps Tactical School. The Air Force Doctrine Center was stood up to facilitate doctrinal research in 1997, and it too traces its history to Airmen such as Lt. Gen. Claire Chennault, Gen. Carl Spaatz and Gen. George Kenney who attended Air University's predecessor in the 1920s.

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