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Goodfellow | Women’s History Month: Continued Excellence and Strides for the Future

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Adrianna Hopkins
  • 17th Training Wing

Since 1987, each March we celebrate Women's History Month. This month is to recognize and remember women's contributions to history, culture, and society. This year at Goodfellow, we recognize and remember influential women who have challenged the status quo, day-in and day-out, past, present, and future. Each week through this special month we will discover influential women working hard to make a difference around Goodfellow.

Staff Sgt. Crystyle Caviness-Jules, a cyber defense operator, who currently works as a project manager for the 17th Communications Squadron. This influential woman has made strides towards excellence in all she does and influences those around her.

“Celebrating women keeps the effort at the forefront of our minds and reminds us of what has and can be done,” said Caviness.

Remembering and recalling women of history sheds a light on the enormous strides women have made on society.

One contribution that women have made that has impacted Caviness the most is the influence and contributions to academia.

“My undergrad experience was instrumental in shaping who I am as an adult and shaped the path that I have taken over the past decade,” said Caviness.

Women have not just played roles as teachers and educators; women have led academic institutions, advised the President, shaped the future of education by making it accessible to all, and continue to push for better quality of learning. Caviness is one of the special women who has been making strides not only to better herself, but also those around her.

“As a black woman who attended a predominantly white institution, I was able to look to women in my family, professors, and peers as role models and I was able to draw strength and inspiration from them to blaze my own path,” said Caviness.

That same inspiration encouraged Caviness to take on the challenge of a master’s degree and continue to make her own path to greatness.

Caviness wants others to see this month as a way to become inspired and uplift the women supporting, speaking up, taking risks, and to continue making moves that future generations will be proud of.

An influential woman, who has made an impression and has been a strong influence on Caviness, is her favorite actress, Angela Bassett. In the entertainment industry for over 35 years, Angela Bassett is a dedicated and inspiring actress. Bassett has also played multiple leading roles and continues to use her talents to portray strong women roles in Hollywood films. Not only is Bassett an influential actress, but she is additionally an educated woman with her master’s degree from Yale.

If Caviness could meet her actress role model, she would want to ask her about her favorite philosophies on life, how she maintains such good care of herself at her age, and how she has managed her work and family balance.

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