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Grill master or Fire Marshall Bill?

  • Published
  • By Leo Timmons
  • Special Warfare Training Wing Safety

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas-- I consider myself an outstanding barbecue grill master, or so I tell myself that quite often (haha!). But my BBQ skills weren’t always up to par. In reality during my earlier days, I might have been more Fire Marshall Bill than grill master. For those who don’t know the Fire Marshall Bill reference, he’s a fictional character actor Jim Carrey portrayed on In Living Color. In the comedic role, he proved to be a disaster around open flames.

Unlike Fire Marshall Bill, I have improved my BBQ and fire-making skills over time … but only after a few near-misses.

For instance, one time I scorched my eyebrows when I got a little too frisky with the lighter fluid. Pro tip: Never use lighter fluid on hot coals. For your benefit, I learned that one the hard way (you’re welcome!).

In another barbecuing fiasco, I almost burned down my buddy’s house. Pro tip: Grease build-up on a grill is no bueno. While a grease fire can be quite impressive as it unfolds, the results can be less so. At best you end up with expensive BBQ meats a little too charred on one side; at worst you turn your house (or your buddy’s) into kindling.

With so many near-misses, you would think I would just hang up my apron and spatula for good. But there is something about grilling that keeps drawing me back. Maybe it’s the savory smoke, the sound of the sizzle, or the warmth from the grill that proves so appealing. If you are a BBQ enthusiast like me, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I will continue my BBQ adventures, but I will learn from my past mistakes and respect the burn. Check out the flyer for more BBQ safety tips, and make your barbecuing adventures this summer mishap free!