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Air National Guard and Total Force recruiting represent at UFC International Fight Week 2023

  • Published
  • By By Master Sgt. Devin Doskey

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, TX -- The Air National Guard and total force recruiting took center stage at UFC International Fight Week 2023, providing attendees with firsthand experience and valuable insight into the career opportunities and benefits available across Air Force components.

"This partnership with the UFC is a great opportunity for the Air National Guard and total force recruiting,” said Maj. Gen. Konata Crumbly, Air National Guard advisor to the Air Force Recruiting Service commander. “The UFC has given us unparalleled access to their entire enterprise, allowing us to reach more people than any other ANG partnership we have. They embody the warrior culture and spirit that aligns perfectly with the Air Force.”

The Air Force's total force recruiting strategy incorporates the Air National Guard's branded initiative, which made a significant impact on fans and attendees during UFC International Fight Week 2023. The centerpiece of this initiative was the Air Force Performance Lab, a cutting-edge facility housed in a 53-foot trailer.

"I am proud to say that our Air Force Performance Lab attends over 250 events each year, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and interactive training activities to showcase the incredible capabilities of the Air Force," Crumbly said. "It's an immersive experience that provides attendees with a firsthand glimpse into the unique benefits and opportunities available within the Air National Guard, Air Force, and Air Force Reserve."

At UFC International Fight Week 2023, attendees of all ages had the opportunity to engage in an immersive experience provided by the Air Force Performance Lab. From flying in virtual-reality flight simulators to testing their physical skills through exciting challenges, fans gained a firsthand understanding of the dedication and skills required to serve in the Air National Guard.

"The Air Force Performance Lab offered an extraordinary chance for fans to experience cutting-edge technology and training activities that optimize performance and readiness. It showcased the unique experiences and opportunities available within the Air Force," explained Crumbly.

Lt. Col. Robert Fore, Air National Guard director for marketing at Air Force Recruiting Service, highlighted the importance of the partnership for total force recruiting efforts. "Through this partnership, we gain access to national media coverage, reaching millions of fans in the UFC alone. The UFC's growing popularity and their embodiment of discipline, training, and sacrifice make them a perfect partner for us," he said.

The partnership between the UFC and the Air National Guard has expanded significantly over the past year, with active involvement in various UFC events. This includes on-site activations at International Fight Week, broadcast features on select Pay-Per-Views, and a branded presence
inside the famed UFC Octagon during select Fight Nights.

"The UFC partnership provides us with amazing opportunities for branding and access to our target demographic. We are here to engage with the crowd, inspire prospective recruits, and showcase the incredible career opportunities offered by all components of the Air Force," Fore

"The UFC partnership presents a remarkable opportunity for us to engage with individuals from all backgrounds," emphasized Master Sgt. Daniel Bedford, Air National Guard National Events and Marketing Liaison at Air Force Recruiting Service. "The UFC embodies the diverse nature of our society, and it highlights the skill sets that individuals from various backgrounds bring to the table. Regardless of where you come from or your age, this partnership allows us to connect with people from all walks of life and showcase the inclusive and diverse opportunities available within the Air National Guard and the Air Force. We are proud to foster an environment that celebrates diversity and welcome individuals from all backgrounds to our total force."

The partnership between the Air National Guard and the UFC symbolizes a commitment to excellence and teamwork shared by both organizations. As the Air Force continues to prioritize total force recruiting, this partnership plays a crucial role in inspiring prospective recruits and showcasing the exceptional career opportunities within all components of the Air Force.

"We are honored to work with the UFC and combine our brands together,” Fore said. The UFC's fan base has been awesome, and their corporate leadership has been outstanding. It's a great opportunity to add value to both parties.”

Bedford expressed gratitude to the UFC and the Air National Guard for their collaborative efforts. "Our partnership is doing awesome, and we've only just begun. It's a fantastic partnership and teamwork that allows us to market to one of the best sports on the planet.” he said.

In conclusion, the Air National Guard's partnership with the UFC during International Fight Week 2023 has been a resounding success, showcasing the incredible opportunities and benefits available within the Air Force and the Air National Guard.

The immersive experiences provided by the Air Force Performance Lab and the engagement with diverse audiences exemplify the shared values of excellence, teamwork, and service.

If you are seeking a rewarding and fulfilling career that combines your passion for service with cutting-edge technology and training, we encourage you to explore the opportunities within the Air National Guard and the Air Force. Whether you are interested in full-time service, part-time
service through the Air National Guard, or contributing to your community as a citizen-Airman, there is a role for you to make a difference.

Visit to learn more about the Air National Guard, Air Force, Air Force Reserve and the wide range of career options available.