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Music Influences Cultural Diversity

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Alexis Suarez

Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRS) Detachment 1 partnered with local Officer Accession Recruiters and the United States Air Force Heritage of America Band for a series of recruiting events in North Carolina this month. The Total Force effort focused on visiting Historically Black Colleges or Universities and coordinated events geared towards students to promote different Air Force career opportunities during Black History Month, February 2024.

The Heritage of America Band members were able to work one-on-one with students during rehearsals, run through practice drills and play alongside with the students during basketball games.

“Music is the one thing that is a barrier breaker because it’s universal,” said Staff Sgt. Nick Del Villano, Mission Planner and Trumpet Player, Heritage of America Band USAF. “Music creates an instant connection with people and it’s great the Air Force allows us to express that.”

“Diversity and inclusion are now focal points in Air Force personnel decisions,” said Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Charles Q. Brown Jr. “Diversity brings a different perspective, it makes us stronger as an Air Force, and I believe it makes us stronger as a nation.”

With February being Black History Month it was essential to visit HBCUs to target the scholars who would be an asset to the Air Force. The Heritage of America Band reached 10,200 students and over 150 band students during their February tour.

“Music brings so much joy to people and being able to play alongside with the students we are able to see the joy and culture from the student body,” said Del Villano. “I believe the band benefited from this experience like the students; we learned different ways to communicate and play together.”

Students were able to speak with recruiters, have questions answered, and gain a better insight to what an Air Force career could look like.

The goal is to inspire the next generation, increase diversity, and attract the best talent for our Air and Space Forces. With that mission in mind, local recruiters, USAF Bands and blitz teams across the nation will be hosting events and coordinating with their respective local schools.