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Air Force partners with Army to explore secure mobile access platform from any device while ensuring user privacy

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ARLINGTON VA--The Department of the Air Force expects to debut the Hypori Halo Workspace Anywhere solution in the summer of 2024, after a successful pilot program with the Department of the Army 

Through the pilot (composed of IT testers and field users migrating off of the BYOAD 2.0/3.0 solutions which end on March 24), the DAF is researching adoption of Hypori Halo, the same app-based, proven solution currently in use by the U.S. Army, National Guard, and Reserve. Hypori Halo will provide DAF employees with secure access to government applications, Controlled Unclassified Information data, and Common Access Card-enabled websites from any iOS, Android, or Windows-based device, eliminating the need to carry multiple devices. 

“Our Airmen and Guardians are the core of our national security advantage,” said DAF Chief Information Officer Venice Goodwine. “In our dynamic environment, the Department of the Air Force is committed to providing user-friendly enterprise solutions which empower the force to work securely in a wide range of operational contexts.” 

The Hypori Halo Workspace Anywhere app enables access to a separate, secure virtual workspace from your personal phone, tablet or computer. This ensures end-user privacy and no data at rest on the physical device which means there is no risk from compromised, lost, or stolen devices. The app also enables global connectivity and the seamless collaboration required for the modern, digital Air Force and Space Force. 

Pending the outcome of the trial, the DAF will gauge interest from Airmen and Guardians and provide instructions to users on how to enable DAF Hypori on your personal devices.  


Get More Done - From Your Personal Phone, Tablet and/or Computer 
Hypori Halo Workspace Anywhere on your personal device provides access to:  

  • NIPRNet, Email, DAF 365 apps like Teams, One Drive, Sharepoint. 

  • CAC-enabled websites 

  • Digitally sign documents 

User Privacy 
The DAF can’t access your device, see how you use it, or even what personal apps you have downloaded. Hypori Halo does not download or store DAF data on your device. No data stored means there’s no data to lose, leak, or wipe. 

Turn In Your Government Phone 

  • No more carrying an extra device around 

  • Enjoy the freedom of using your own device 

  • Don’t stress about losing government equipment or data