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33rd FW hosts 19th AF Warhammer Rally

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Jymil Licorish
  • 33rd Fighter Wing

The 33rd Fighter Wing hosted the 19th Air Force Warhammer Rally here April 2 – 5, 2024, gathering commanders from across the flying training community for strategic discussions, fostering collaboration and innovation. 

During the rally, commanders addressed shared challenges and explored effective solutions regarding the pilot training enterprise, touching upon critical areas such as Formal Training Units, Fighter Bomber Fundamentals, and the Air Mobility Fundamentals-Simulator course. 

“The 17 wings that make up 19th AF have missions that vary from building basic aviation skills, such as takeoffs and landings, to executing and refining 5th generation fighter tactics,” said Maj. Gen. Clark Quinn, 19th Air Force commander. “During an Airman’s time in 19th AF, the initial focus is on the basics, but those basics are built upon a foundation that underpins the skills required to effectively operate in our current operational environment. By the time an Airmen makes it to a FTU such as the 33rd FW, they will find a syllabus that incorporates ACE competencies that will directly prepare them for joining their first operational units.” 

Additionally, leaders observed an array of 4th and 5th generation aircraft in a large force exercise. This LFE demonstrated the integration of different unit missions across the 19th AF flying community as they executed air refueling and defensive counter-air missions together. 

“Separately, all of our wings train with their aircraft for their own unique mission and we rarely get to train with one another,” said Col. Justin Spears, 49th Wing commander. “Nothing replaces another aircraft, and everyone brings their own specific skillset. But when you put them all in the same airspace, you see how each [airframe] can complement the other and come together to accomplish the mission as one team." 

After the LFE observation, commanders attended a tour of the wing to receive a first-hand look at how the Nomads train. The tour consisted of a briefing from the 60th FS and AMU, a visit to the Aircrew Performance Center, and a walkthrough of the F-35 Academic Training Center. 

While the leaders learned about the wing's training programs, they also focused on the service members’ welfare by visiting the Air Force Enlisted Village, Khobar Tower Memorial, and Intrepid Spirit Center. 

"Caring for our people isn't just a moral question; it's a strategic necessity,” said Col. Dave Skalicky, 33rd Fighter Wing commander. “We’re able to forge resilient and high-performing teams because our mission focus is grounded in support for our Airmen and families. It’s an honor for me to share how we in the Nomads and Team Eglin have been able pursue the highest quality training and develop the skills for future combat while caring for our people." 

The 19th Air Force flying training community remains steadfast in developing the skills of Airmen across the command. Through teamwork and ongoing dialogue, commanders continue to refine training methods and ensure the readiness of future Air Force aviators.