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Goodfellow Celebrates 2024 Technical Sergeant Release Party

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Brian Lummus
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

Goodfellow staff sergeants selected for promotion celebrated their achievement during a release party at the Powell Event Center, July 3.

Goodfellow held the release party to celebrate the selected promotees and to give fellow wingmen and friends an opportunity to congratulate them on their success.

Air Force officials selected 6,914 Air Force staff sergeants for promotion to technical sergeant out of 35,328 eligible for a selection rate of 19.57 percent in the 24E6 promotion cycle, which included supplemental promotion opportunities.

Technical sergeants operate as technical experts, serving as supervisors and ensuring proper and effective use of all resources under their control.


Congratulations to Goodfellow’s newest Technical Sgt. selects!

  1. Tech. Sgt. Select Timothy Balch, 17th Training Support Squadron
  2. Tech. Sgt. Select Carlos Ballesteros, 312th Training Squadron
  3. Tech. Sgt. Select David Benya, 316th Training Squadron
  4. Tech. Sgt. Select Joshua Brister, 315th Training Squadron
  5. Tech. Sgt. Select Christian Bufford, 312th Training Squadron
  6. Tech. Sgt. Select Heather Cannon, 313th Training Squadron
  7. Tech. Sgt. Select Jasmine Carawan, 316th Training Squadron
  8. Tech. Sgt. Select Bradley Carroll, 316th Training Squadron
  9. Tech. Sgt. Kevin Castro Mejia, 17th Force Support Squadron
  10. Tech. Sgt. Thomas Davenport, 533rd Training Squadron
  11. Tech. Sgt. Michael Fisher, 17th Comptroller Squadron
  12. Tech. Sgt. Cameron Frison, 315th Training Squadron
  13. Tech. Sgt. Megan Fritz, 315th Training Squadron
  14. Tech. Sgt. Niheera Gaither, 316th Training Squadron
  15. Tech. Sgt. Alister Guale, 316th Training Squadron
  16. Tech. Sgt. Brandon Hilton, 316th Training Squadron
  17. Tech. Sgt. Reuben Jarrell, 315th Training Squadron
  18. Tech. Sgt. Johnathon Kiene, 316th Training Squadron
  19. Tech. Sgt. Sarah Laulu, 17th Communications Squadron
  20. Tech. Sgt. Madysongr Lavender, 17th Security Forces Squadron
  21. Tech. Sgt. Jacklynn Moorow, 315th Training Squadron
  22. Tech. Sgt. Alan Muhle, 17th Security Forces Squadron
  23. Tech. Sgt. Marrina Pedrego, 316th Training Squadron
  24. Tech. Sgt. Gabriel Perez, 312th Training Squadron
  25. Tech. Sgt. Derek Raber, 312th Training Squadron
  26. Tech. Sgt. Amanda Relitz, 17th Healthcare Operation Squadron
  27. Tech. Sgt. Jacob Richard, 17th Civil Engineer Squadron
  28. Tech. Sgt. Shelbyann Ross, 315th Training Squadron
  29. Tech. Sgt. Christopher Scott, 312th Training Squadron
  30. Tech. Sgt. Riley Stevens, 312th Training Squadron
  31. Tech. Sgt. Jordan Stidham, 316th Training Squadron
  32. Tech. Sgt. Robert Stone, 312th Training Squadron
  33. Tech. Sgt. Jhonny Taborda, 312th Training Squadron
  34. Tech. Sgt. Kevin Taylor, 316th Training Squadron
  35. Tech. Sgt. Jasmine Wise, 17th Training Wing