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Command reflections: Rand prepares to leave The First Command

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Joshua Strang
  • Air Education and Training Command Public Affairs
After 21 months of leading the First Command, Gen. Robin Rand, commander of Air Education and Training Command, took a moment to reflect on his time leading the men and women of AETC.

During Rand’s tenure, AETC instituted changes including the addition of Airmen’s Week to Basic Military Training, the creation of the Profession of Arms Center of Excellence, initial funding for the T-X trainer aircraft, and the reestablishment of 19th Air Force.

“I am tremendously pleased with the accomplishments the men and women of AETC completed. They had great ideas, developed and articulated the plans, did the heavy lifting, and they executed.”

Rand said he has gained a greater appreciation on how critical the First Command is to the present and future success of the Air Force.

“Each time I witnessed our new graduates of BMT cross the parade field and take their oath as Airmen, or witnessed new pilot graduates receive their wings, or watched missileers receive their wings after technical training, I have comfort knowing our Air Force’s future is in great hands,” Rand said. “The innovative spirit of our AETC Airmen continues to amaze me.”

Throughout his tenure in AETC, Rand stressed mission, Airmen, and families are far from unique.

"The mission does not happen without the Airmen and the Airmen do not function optimally without their family’s support,” Rand said. “Airmen serve and families sacrifice.” Although he doesn’t see these priorities as unique to his leadership, he believes they are incredibly important to the success of the Air Force mission.

Rand said that leaders ask a lot of their Airmen and their families, and he believes every leader should appreciate and care for those of whom they have been charged. He said that mentality comes from the top.

“It starts with our chief; I don’t think anyone appreciates the Airmen and their families more than General Mark Welsh and Betty Welsh,” Rand said. “They are amazing role models for us.”

Besides taking care of Airmen, Rand also gave a few tips of advice to future leaders.

“Good character is essential to your success,” Rand said. “There is never room to compromise on our core values. Next, learn your craft. Be the expert in your career field and in the Profession of Arms. Next, do your best in the job you are in at the moment. Aspirations are great and essential but never allow those to detract from the pride and effort that you place in the work the Air Force is requesting of you at the present time. Finally, learn about our AF history and rich legacy. History makes you smarter, and heritage makes you prouder.”

Rand concluded by saying that serving alongside the 62,000 Airmen of AETC has been a highlight in his career. “This has been an amazing job,” Rand said. “Seeing what these outstanding professionals do day in and day out is just amazing. I want to thank all our AETC Airmen….Active duty, Guard, Reserve and Civilians….or everything you do. Your great deeds have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated by me and my bride, Kim.”

Rand will transfer his authority during a change of command ceremony on July 21, 2015.
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