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ANG two-star visits CCAF

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman William J. Blankenship
  • 42nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs
Maj. Gen. John McCoy, Air National Guard assistant to the Air Education and Training Command commander, conducted an Air National Guard All Call at his first alma mater - the Community College of the Air Force, July 15, 2015.

McCoy served as an enlisted member of both the Wisconsin Army and Air National Guard before receiving his commission in 1986 through the Air National Guard Academy of Military Science.

"Upon returning my salute, he gleamed and proudly told me that he was a graduate of CCAF in 1986," said Chief Master Sgt. Andrew Hollis, vice commandant of the Community College of the Air Force. "I was impressed by his pride as he referred to CCAF and shared mine as well. To this day he serves as a staunch advocate of CCAF, higher education and professional development."

The general is a first-generation college graduate who, after graduating from the college in 1986, used CCAF as a catapult in his career success.

"My parents were high school grads but never had the funds to further their education," he said. "But they did encourage all of us kids to apply ourselves. It took me a bit, and the military, to realize their wisdom."

McCoy said he feels that getting a CCAF degree is an important credential and was helpful to his development.

"I do feel that the superiors also took note and it may have been an additional positive attribute that the selection board noted when recommending me for officer training," said the University of Wisconsin, Madison graduate. "Later, I think it helped my credibility with enlisted members and helped me mentor and develop by being able to say, 'I did that and you can too.' The degree also shows that you are just a bit more of a professional in your Air Force specialty code. I'm proud to say there are more than a handful of Wisconsin ANG members with a CCAF degree as a result of a gentle, persistent nudge."
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