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PACE releases new ‘Civilian Airmen Toolbox’

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The Profession of Arms Center of Excellence released the Civilian Airmen Toolbox, Oct. 19, which is committed to developing Air Force civilians with a professionalism-mindset, character, and core values required to succeed.

The Civilian Airmen Toolbox is a new professionalism development instrument that includes two sets of tools: civilian promotions and civilian Airmen awards.

“The first set is for civilian promotions, designed to help senior leaders recognize civilian Airmen accomplishments with an official ceremony,” said Kevin Denter, PACE program analyst. “These ceremonies provide fellow Airmen the opportunity to see the important roles civilians accomplish in meeting Air Force mission requirements.”

Specifically, this set includes a detailed promotion script template, an accompanying checklist, and an example memo explaining ‘how to’ request Air Force funds to support the ceremony.

The second set is for civilian Airmen awards.

“The set is meant to be used by commanders and supervisors to promote civilian Airmen recognition,” said Dan Woolever, program development division chief. “They include examples such as Certificate of Recognition, Certificate of Commendation, Certificate of Appreciation, and Monetary Incentive Awards.”

PACE provides tools to develop professional and resilient Airmen, which includes civilian Airmen, Woolever added.

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