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Graduating in record time


Graduating a 54-day program in a record breaking 18.5 days, an Airman showcased the impact of the continuum of learning initiative, here.

Airman 1st Class Devin McDivitt, 268th Combat Communications Squadron cyber transport technician at Scott Air Force Base, Ill., trained in the cyber transport program designed to deliver training content in an optimal manner to allow students to not only consume the information faster, but at a high level of comprehension, said Lt. Col. Andre Johnson, 338th Training Squadron commander.

“True to this generation of tech savvy Airmen, McDivitt was able to navigate his way through the cyber transport course in record time because course information was delivered to him as fast as he could consume it,” said Johnson.

Ashley Fried-Parker, 338th TRS cyber transport program instructor, described McDivitt as impressively smart and level-headed.

“I’ve never seen someone grasp the concepts so naturally and actually enjoy the work,” said Fried-Parker. “Not only did McDivitt grasp the concepts, he also assisted other students with understanding the material.”

“He was fast,” said Alan Thomas, 338th TRS cyber transport program instructor. “But he also seemed to have a good understanding of the material. I didn’t feel the need to slow him down like I sometimes had to do with other students.”

Not only did McDivitt complete the cyber transport course in record time, he completed it with a 95% average. McDivitt additionally completed the follow-on security plus training program provided by the 336th TRS in minimal time and passed the final exam with a top-notch score of 816 out of 900 points.

“With armed service aptitude scores all above 90, McDivitt may not be your typical cyber transport Airman,” said Johnson. “His success clearly highlights what’s possible when a highly motivated, intelligent Airman is placed in an academic program and environment that delivers lesson content at the Airman’s speed of learning.”

“In line with the commander of Air Education and Training Command, Lt. Gen. Steven Kwast’s strategic objectives, we will continue to evolve training in the 338th TRS to ensure it remains as agile and responsive as our Airmen need to be,” said Johnson.

The evolution of education expressed in the cyber transport program contributes to today’s Airmen by allowing them to learn the material at their own pace as well as having instructors guide Airmen to the educational milestones, said Johnson.

“I’m excited to be a part of this student-centered, self-paced, cyber transport program,” said Johnson. “We truly are on the cutting edge of something special and have the opportunity to expedite the delivery of qualified cyber technicians to combatant commanders and our Air Force. I tip my hat to the outstanding instructors and training managers who continue to innovate and assume the associated risk necessary to produce stellar Airmen in record time.”

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