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Air Force announces 20OT01 Officer Training School (OTS) line officer selection board results

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas  -- A total of 120 men and women from across the Air Force have earned an opportunity to become Air Force leaders following their selection for an officer's commission, officials announced today.

Air Force Recruiting Service officials considered 1,048 applications as part of the Officer Training School line officer selection board 20OT01. The 120 applicants were selected to attend OTS with the opportunity to trade their stripes for gold bars as second lieutenants.

Three Air Force colonels reviewed all applications and as such consider the “whole-person” concept with these three factors; Aptitude, Leadership, and Adaptability to select individuals to serve as Air Force officers. No single factor leads to an individual's selection or non-selection, according to OTS selection officials.

Candidates selected can expect to attend officer training school at Maxwell AFB, Ala., in Fiscal Year 2021.

Congratulations to all the selects!

For more information concerning OTS and the application process, active-duty members should visit the Officer Training AFRS page on the Air Force Portal.

For a complete list of applicants selected, visit 

Active Duty Selectees:

SSgt Aguilar, Marioadel

TSgt Aizer, Andrew

MSgt Amstutz, Alexander

SrA  Anderson, Jaden

TSgt Archuleta, John

MSgt Artiaga, Anthony

TSgt Ashley, Christian

SSgt Baker, Jonathan

MSgt Baker, Jarred

MSgt Barkey, Jason

SrA   Barrow, Dee

TSgt Basirico, Paul

TSgt Belle, Andrew

SrA  Braverman, Samuel

MSgt Burkett, Michael

MSgt Campbell, Russell

TSgt Candrea, Cody

MSgt Cardiges Nicholas

SSgt Cervantes, Nicholas

TSgt Clancy, Aaron

MSgt Coles, Charles

TSgt Collins, Brian

SrA  Cope, Kyle

SSgt Crooks, Anastasia

MSgt Davis, Ryan

TSgt Dawley, Christopher

MSgt Delaney, Sean

MSgt Dirksmeyer, John

TSgt Ditri, Joseph

TSgt Dobbins, Matthew

MSgt Drainer, David

SSgt Edomwandagbon, Osasumwen

SSgt Estrada, Joseph

MSgt Flores, Gregory

TSgt Francis, Christopher

TSgt Garcia, Rodolfo

TSgt Garrison, Steven

SrA  Gilmore, Matthew

TSgt Groupp, Austin

SSgt Halliburton, Skyler

TSgt Hamilton, Austin

MSgt Handy, Joshua

MSgt Haviland, Jeffery

MSgt Hazen David

TSgt Hendrick, Paul

TSgt Hickson, Joshua

SSgt Higgins, Andrew

MSgt Hill, Nicoletta

SrA   Howell, Joel

MSgt Jones, Timothy

TSgt Kelly, Christopher

SSgt Kenney, Emily

TSgt Krause, Scot

SSgt Kunesova, Baila

SSgt Kuo Samuel

SSgt LaCasse, Raymond

SSgt Lain, Zachary

TSgt Leadford, Stephen

MSgt Lucas, Joshua

TSgt MacGibbon, Sean

SSgt Malone, Charles

SrA   Massa, Angela

SrA   McCoog, Justin

MSgt McKay, Kristopher

SSgt McKinnon, Kevin

MSgt McWilliams, Kyle

TSgt Mello, Jason

SrA  Mitchell, Keegan

SrA  Mulvany, Melissa

TSgt Nemes, Jason

MSgt Newell, Jennifer

TSgt Norden, Charles

TSgt Nunez, Cody

TSgt Peacock, Joanna

SSgt Pecsi, Brandon

TSgt Peterson, Adam 

SrA  Pinick, Siara

SSgt Piscitelli, Michael

SSgt Pospyhalla, Kate

TSgt Pruitt, Andor

TSgt Rayman, Jordan

MSgt Redko, Oleksiy

SSgt Repp, Tyler

SSgt Reyna, Eric

SrA   Rhodes, Kole

SSgt Ridenour, Cory

MSgt Roberts, Gramm

TSgt Robledo Ashlie

SSgt Rowlett, Kenneth

TSgt Royal, Francis

TSgt Sarkkinen, Karl

SSgt Schultz, Michael

TSgt Schuster, Bryson

TSgt Scott, Christopher

TSgt Seyler, Richard

MSgt Shanks, Casey

TSgt Sharp, Stephen

TSgt Shoults, Shawn

TSgt Sliter, Justin

MSgt Slusser, Timothy

SSgt Smith, Cory

SSgt Staples, Kyle

TSgt Sumpter, Travis

SSgt Swenson, Dillon

TSgt Tippy, Branden

TSgt Wagner, Derek

SSgt Warden, Zachary

MSgt Watson, Stephen

TSgt Weaver, Donald

SMSgt Welch, Jason

MSgt Wells, Darlene

MSgt White, Ryan

TSgt Williams, Terence

TSgt Williams, Anthony

MSgt Williams, John

MSgt Wolcott, Daniel

SrA   Woo, Bryan

TSgt Wood, Patrick

MSgt Woodrum, Shelby

SSgt Zens, Kara

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