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AETC releases 2016 Strategic Plan


Air Education and Training Command officials released the command’s 2016 Strategic Plan today, designed to advance the First Command’s vision of “forging innovative Airmen to power the world's greatest Air Force.”

“The 2016 Strategic Plan links all Airmen – military and civilian – to core AETC missions that directly impact Air Force operations worldwide,” said Lt. Gen. Darryl Roberson, AETC commander.

The plan aligns activities across the command, complements Headquarters Air Force imperatives, and focuses on mission success while supporting Airmen and their families. The plan highlights four strategic vectors: Motivational Mission Accomplishment, Know Our Airmen and Families, Innovation, and Leadership.

“Airpower starts here in the First Command,” said Roberson. “We are foundational to everything the U.S. Air Force does. This plan clearly articulates how we can be successful today and agile enough to meet future challenges to keep America’s Air Force the strongest on the planet…and it all starts with our extraordinarily talented Airmen.”

Roberson stressed that the 2016 AETC Strategic Plan is designed to be practical and useful for all Airmen across the command.

“This plan is intentional – it intentionally aligns our mission to Air Force imperatives and it’s intentionally short. Our Airmen’s time is valuable and the guidance we give them must be clear, concise and usable,” he said.

“I encourage every AETC Airman – military and civilian – to take a few minutes and look through it. Our continued success depends on everybody’s involvement and commitment.”

The command will establish a framework for assessing its progress toward meeting the strategic goals. An annex with measureable objects will be released in the Spring of 2016.

To read the 2016 Strategic Plan, click HERE.

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