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Category: Comprehensive Airmen Fitness
  • Altus AFB highlights resiliency resources through "Passport" program

    In an effort to get Airmen out and active, the Community Action Team is implementing the Passport to Resiliency Program for permanent party (active duty and reserve) members, starting March 1, 2019. The program awards members time off work for participating in base and community activities.
  • Pillars of Comprehensive Airman Fitness: spiritual fitness

    (Editor's Note: This feature is part three of a four part series on Comprehensive Airman Fitness)
  • Pillars of resiliency: spiritual resilience

    The holiday season is a time for joy and celebration, for most, but some Airmen may consider it the most challenging time of the year.Although resiliency training is an important part of our Air Force, Airmen may have difficulty implementing the skills they learn into their lifestyles. During the holidays, practicing the pillars of resiliency is
  • Building resiliency in numbers

    Most Airmen have probably heard the expression "there's strength in numbers." Most Airmen have also probably heard of Comprehensive Airmen Fitness. When it comes to building resiliency, the two are not unrelated.The four domains of CAF are mental, physical, social and spiritual fitness, which enhance resilience in individuals, families and
  • CAF domains like ‘legs on a chair’

    Comprehensive Airman Fitness promotes a holistic approach to health in four domains:  mental, physical, social and spiritual.The Air Force Instruction for CAF, AFI 90-506, hit the streets in April 2014, but the new instruction doesn't make comprehensive fitness a new lifestyle concept.Air Combat Command adopted CAF in 2009 based on the Army's
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