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Category: Force Development
  • Royal Canadian air force trains at Luke

    A Royal Canadian air force CF-18 Hornet pilot, assigned to the 433rd Tactical Fighter Squadron in Canadian Forces Base Bagotville, Quebec, Canada, poses for a photo Feb. 25, 2020, at Luke Air Force Base, Ariz. The RCAF 433rd and 425th TFS visited Luke to train with the U.S Air Force and compete in the Tipic Sauvage and Haboob Havoc exercises. Luke
  • Keesler graduates Saudi Arabian MTL, reinforces international partnerships

    Military training leader class 200210 graduated from the MTL schoolhouse March 5, at the Levitow Drill Pad.Amongst the graduates of that class was Senior Master Sgt. Obaid Al-Bogami, Royal Saudi air force air traffic controller, who was the first international student the MTL schoolhouse has seen in approximately three years.  “This will help me a
  • Keesler improves training for medics

    Keesler Medical Center replaced self-aid and buddy care for medics with the Tactical Combat Casualty Course.The course focuses on preparing medics for the deployed environment.“We [medics] have the medical skills down, but your average Airman doesn’t have the tactical training,” said Senior Airman Brock Mauldin, 81st Medical Support Squadron
  • DLIELC Increases English Language Training in Vietnam in 2020

    The Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC) is supporting the Indo-Pacific Strategy by deploying a Mobile Training Team (MTT) to the Military Services Academy (MSA) in Hanoi, Vietnam and will provide English language training (ELT) to 70 Vietnamese Coast Guard (VCG) Officers.
  • System of success

    The 49th Equipment Maintenance Squadron Phase Inspection Section is responsible for performing intermediate maintenance on several dozen F-16 Vipers from the 849th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, during which they dismantle and inspect high-fail areas throughout the aircraft. In 2019, the team shaved off 23K man hours while increasing their inspection rates by 20%, making them the fastest F-16 phase inspection team in the Air Force.
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