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  • Commentary: Eating frogs for a living

    When I think about leadership and what attributes make a good leader, there is a laundry list I come up with; however, mental toughness is what stands out. There may be many factors on how one achieves or cultivates mental toughness, but at its core, achieving this skill starts with making a deliberate concerted choice each and every day to eat the proverbial frog.
  • Pokémon, Don’t

    Watch out! Everyone’s favorite game from the 90s is back, this time in form of a mobile phone application. That’s right, with Nintendo’s release of its new Pokémon Go mobile game, people across America are catching Pokémon fever again. Confused about how the game works? Well, Pokémon Go uses your mobile phone’s GPS to spot virtual Pokémon on a game
  • “I think we forget sometimes”

    Staff Sgt. Cody Sparks, Air Education and Training Command's Outstanding Airman of the Year, visits Capitol Hill and learns from his leaders.
  • Commentary – NCOs echo through eternity

    "What we do in life, echoes in eternity."Taken from the film "Gladiator," General Maximus Decimus Meridius used these words to prepare his troops for battle. While the context of his words can be taken with different meanings, one internet review suggests it refers to the afterlife. The internet post suggests that if the troops fight bravely, they
  • Commentary -- Tough but fair

    What does it mean to be tough but fair and why is this so important? In the next couple of paragraphs I will highlight the answer to these two questions. My goal is to provide insight that has the potential to develop great leaders and followers.To be tough but fair means to uphold and enforce standards while being unbiased. Allow me to illustrate
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