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Agile Software Development Fundamentals

Issued by United States Air Force

The earner of this badge demonstrated an understanding of the Agile Manifesto (4 values and 12 principles for software development), terminology, philosophy, and methodologies by applying the concepts to develop a software solution with consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of the Agile processes.

Earning Criteria


Agile Principles and Methodologies

e-Learning course that covers the fundamental Agile concepts (8 Agile values and 12 Agile principles), the 5 phases of the Agile project management model, the most common Agile methodologies and frameworks, and the key activities for managing an Agile project. (NOTE: SkillPort is CAC enabled)

Introduction to Agile Software Development

e-Learning course that covers agile software development as well as the principles and values behind the agile manifesto. (NOTE: SkillPort is CAC enabled)

Introduction to Agile & Scrum

A Udemy course that covers the Agile Manifesto, common roles associated with Agile methods and Scrum. (NOTE: Udemy requires an account, which can be signed up for through the Airmen Coders initiative,

SENG 593 Agile Software Systems

A 10-week graduate-level distance learning course hosted by the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT).