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eXtreme Programming Developer - Bronze

Issued by Cyberspace Support (AFSC 3DXXX)

The earner of this badge acquired knowledge of eXtreme software Programming (XP) developer concepts that require highly adaptive teams to utilize rapid prototyping, pair programming, test-driven development, immediate customer feedback, continuous integration/continuous deployment with small incremental releases, the 5 XP values (communication, simplicity, feedback, courage, and respect), and 12 XP practices.

Earning Criteria

  • Agile Software Development Fundamentals
  • Complete at least two (2) courses that in combination, cover at least Agile methodology, XP principles, and at least one (1) of the following topics: test-driven development, rapid prototyping, continuous integration/continuous delivery, or pair-programming. Courses must incorporate some form of assessment.
  • Complete the XP Developer – Bronze checklist.
  • The checklist was reviewed by the Earner's supervisor and recommended for the award of the XP Developer – Bronze badge.

For additional information on the Cyberspace Support digital badge initiative and the earning process, please see the linked information sheet.