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eXtreme Programming Developer - Gold

Issued by Cyberspace Support (AFSC 3DXXX)

The earner of this badge applied eXtreme software Programming (XP) developer knowledge and skills to lead teams, engineer solutions to customer requirements, design automated programmable interfaces, create unit and functional tests, mentor junior eXtreme Programming developers, and deliver software source code to a production environment.

Earning Criteria

  • eXtreme Programming Developer - Silver
  • Perform for one (1) year on an eXtreme Programming team as a fully certified/trained member.
  • Submit a software source code repository for a project on which the earner was the senior developer and designed and implemented module and system interfaces.
  • Submit two (2) performance reviews of earner's application of eXtreme Programming behaviors, skills, and abilities from a senior developer of a software development project.  Reviews will be from two separate individuals.
  • Complete the XP Developer – Gold checklist.
  • The checklist was reviewed by the Earner's supervisor and recommended for the award of the XP Developer – Gold badge.

For additional information on the Cyberspace Support digital badge initiative and the earning process, please see the linked information sheet.